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Brad McClain's "Die Hard" Part
Brad McClains Die Hard Part
This guy is a wrecking ball on wheels. He goes big, he goes fast, but he also has the technical touch along the coping. Take special note of the backside Ollie over the stairs in the pool's shallow end. Wow...
Magnified: Tyler “Squints” Imel
Magnified: Tyler “Squints” Imel
There's actually two "makes" here. The first one is not crashing the vehicle straight into the bowl. And the second one is Squints' amazing tailgate party.
Sneak Peek: October 2014
Sneak Peek: October 2014
He may have skipped the SATs, but Miles Silvas made it into Stanford with a textbook kickflip back tail. Photo: Camarillo.
Five Sequences: August 21, 2014
Five Sequences: August 21, 2014
Hammeke brings you this week's 'five' with Ben Raybourn, Rayce Davis, Liam McCabe, Kevin Scott, and Paul Hart.
Hall of Meat: Brad McClain
Hall of Meat: Brad McClain
Brad tries to flap his wings away from the extension wall but brutally clips a leg anyway.
Bust Crew: Episode 1
Bust Crew: Episode 1
Vans takes you to Richmond Virginia, the home of Bust Crew. Watch the clip here.
Jose Rojo's Art Classics Board
Jose Rojos Art Classics Board
Jose Rojo is awestruck by his new Enjoi board.
Drinkin' On The Job
Drinkin On The Job
Nasty Neck has a big art opening tomorrow night in West Hollywood.
Lakai Fire Flare Commercial
Lakai Fire Flare Commercial
Lakai announces their Fire Flare collection in collaboration with Spitfire wheels with this clip.
Brad McClain's "Die Hard" Teaser
Brad McClains Die Hard Teaser
For the past couple of years, he's been a word-of-mouth phenomenon. "You gotta see this guy skate," is what people kept saying. Well, this Friday everyone will get to see him. We're looking forward to this one.
Firing Line: Theotis Beasley
Firing Line: Theotis Beasley
You know it's true street skating when a line involves fresh asphalt and a couple of manhole covers.
Bob Reynolds "40th Birthday" Part
Bob Reynolds 40th Birthday Part
Cacka's Bob Reynolds is not just nimble for his size (225?) he spends more time in the streets than kids half his age. Happy birthday, Bob! 
Tum-Yeto's "Tee-Hee" Section
Tum-Yetos Tee-Hee Section
You're going to get a lot of pros and rippers when you make a homie video in the Long Beach, CA area. Tum Yeto contributed a whole part, including Provost, Servold, Layton, Leabres, Templeton, Jaws, and many others.
Thrasher Radio: Ep. 33 Boston Hardcore
Thrasher Radio: Ep. 33 Boston Hardcore
I lived in Boston when hardcore ruled the suburban wasteland. I saw history weekly. Gotta stick together like glue. I'm in this photo, top left 1981. –Jake Phelps
Trash Talk's "The Great Escape" Music Video
Trash Talks The Great Escape Music Video
This shit is fucking heavy!
The Torey 3 by DVS
The Torey 3 by DVS
Torey Pudwill's new shoe ghost rides his board in this clip from DVS.
Thrasher Vacation England Aug 22
DGK Blood Money Tour USA Aug 22
OFF! Tour USA Aug 22
Etnies Scout It Out Tour East Coast Aug 22
Cali Am Jam California Aug 22
Ketchum/Guy Coles Contest Ketchum, ID Aug 23
The Shrine Japan Tour Japan Aug 27
DJ Skatemaster Tate San Diego, CA Aug 29
740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Dustin Dollin graces the cover of the September issue, screeching a hellacious 180 nosegrind at the Hollywood Bowl. The hits keep coming inside: Matt Bennett, Jake Donnelly and Wes Kremer get grilled; Element traverses Taiwain; Vol 4 hits the road (and the spliffs) for SXSW; a 16-page photo feature blows some stoke in your eyes; EMB OG James Kelch talks Classic Graphics and Cory Kennedy talks some shit. Yeah, that'll do it. Add this one to your collection.