Nixon x Bones Brigade Fan Freakout

Nixon and Active Ride Shop hosted a meet 'n' mreet with the Bones Brigade celebrating the release of the Nixon Bones Brigade collection. These limited edition watches feature VC Johnson’s iconic Powell Peralta board graphics. The fans came in droves! —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxThe crowd at Active, Irvine Spectrum Mall was already over capacity by the 6pm opening time

02 750pxGet there any way you can

03 750pxFull house

04 750pxThese watches will be available in skateshops starting April 17th. You kids wear watches, right?

05 750pxThey can be purchased individually or if you really wanna splurge there’s a limited edition box set of complete series that comes packaged in a “skate ply” box signed by the Bones Brigade members

06 750pxThe guys barely got into the gallery before being mobbed by fans with Bones Brigade memorabilia to sign. Steve Caballero straight into the thick of it

07 750pxThere was an art show curated by J. Grant Brittain featuring original board graphics, skate memorabilia and Grant’s iconic photos of the Bones Brigade

08 750pxFirst in line, worth the wait

09 750pxSteve Caballero’s Nixon "Time Teller" watch. Fuckin' fancy!

10 750pxDJ Tony Acosta was on hand to spin some '80s punk rock and new wave jams

11 750pxJohn Lucero and Hagop Najarian inspect Tony Acosta’s collection of vinyl

12 750pxLucero approved!

13 750pxJ Grant Brittain points out the earliest photo he shot of a Bones Brigade Member. – Tony Hawk in the pipe at Sanolands

14 750pxSome Lance Mountain inspired skate memorabilia. Those black plastic wedges are “heel bones.” They screwed into the top of your board to make a steeper kick tail and from what I can recall they were pretty short lived

15 750pxGrant’s Powell Peralta board and a photo of him and Tony Hawk at a skate camp in France 1987. That board graphic is a skull and camera, not a bong, although that would be pretty cool too

16 750pxTony Hawk has probably signed more autographs than all other skaters combined

17 750pxShaking hands and signing babies
18 750pxTony taking a short break from signing to stand by his display case.  These guys stood and signed anything you could put a sharpie to for over 3 and a half hours

19 750pxTony Hawk’s Nixon "Time Teller" watch. Good for airwalks

20 750pxFirst Tony Hawk, now Rodeny Mullen!  No way!

21 750pxSlater Hartman is one lucky baby

22 750pxRodney Mullen’s Nixon "Time Teller" watch. Ideal for handstands

23 750pxMike McGill signage. I didn’t see any mint condition original issue boards, but a lot of first run of the re-issues and a few original issue boards that were in used condition

24 750pxMcGill was the lucky one who managed to post up by a table and good for him because this guy brought a shopping cart of memorabilia

25 750pxMcGill, chillin' on the Chin Ramp

26 750pxMike McGill’s Nixon "Time Teller" watch. Great for 540s, but you may drag a hand on the landing

27 750pxDavid Krisor and Dayhana Cardenas and thier coveted “Rollerbones” poster signed by all Bones Brigade members

28 750pxNearly two and a half hours in and the crowd hadn’t thinned a bit

29 750pxMakeshift nose rail but don’t be fooled by those stickers, those are Variflex trucks, not indys

30 750px“Yellow, that’s a good color. I broke my ankle for the first time on a yellow one of these.” –Lance Mountain

31 750pxLance Mountain’s Nixon "Time Teller" watch. Perfect for pools

33 750pxTommy Guerrero holding down his zone

34 750pxTommy’s Nixon "Time Teller" watch. No hazards, please

35 750pxThis fan got the complete kit packed in a plywood box. Hosoi used to wear multiple watches

40 750pxJeff Kidd brought a sizable collection for signing

41 750pxOh what’s that? Animal Chin! These cardboard Animal Chin dolls were sent to skateshops as a promo so you pretty much had to work at a shop in the '80s in order to come up on one

44 750pxWho’s this guy fanning out on TG?

45 750pxOh shit, it’s Alphonzo Rawls!

46 750pxAlphonzo and his favorite photo in the show. The Chin Ramp was built in his hometown of Oceanside in the canyons between two junkyards. He said it was really close to present day Prince Park

47 750pxJoey Robles drove all the way down from Campbell, CA. Here he is with his November, 1985 issue of Thrasher and signatures of all the skaters that were at the Capitola Classic

48 750pxSo why not get that years contest winner, Tommy Guerrero to sign the opening spread of the article in Thrasher featuring him

49 750pxAt 9:30 the line to Rodney Mullen was still weaving through the gallery

50 750pxEven Lance Mountain waited in line for Rodney’s signature. See the photo of the car. Powell Peralta bought that in Europe for the team to drive it around over there all one summer in the '80s

51 750pxAnd that’s a wrap, time to grab your board and get out of the mall! Thanks Brigaders!

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