Bronson Cherry Park/Video Premiere Photos

To keep the party rollin’, Bronson hyped up a skate jam at Cherry park in Long Beach and some best-trick contests before the video premiere of the “Shotgunnin’ through the South” video at the Good Bar. Video premiers are always a great time and a skate session before one is an added bonus! Thanks to everyone who came out! The video will be on Thrasher on Dec. 14th. —Rhino

Bronson LBC Photo1 750px LB residents and Bronson team dudes Jeremy Leabres, Cole Wilson and Milton Martinez

Bronson LBC Photo2 750pxRyan Townley, front crunt

Bronson LBC Photo3 750pxCory Glick, dipped front feeble

Bronson LBC Photo4 750pxBlake Carpenter and his new pug

Bronson LBC Photo5 750pxCole Wilson, front blunt through the bend

Bronson LBC Photo6 750pxBlake goes switch heel over the hydrant

Bronson LBC Photo7 750pxNora showing the boys how to feeble grind a tight QP

Bronson LBC Photo8 750pxThe best trick over the hydrant started. Jonathan Henderson, hard flip

Bronson LBC Photo9 750pxKyle Stone, frontside 360

Bronson LBC Photo10 750pxCherry local Debo catches a heelflip

Bronson LBC Photo11 750pxKyle Stone, front 180 late shove it

Bronson LBC Photo12 750pxBlake Carpenter hyped up The Butcher's gap. Debo gets the ollie

Bronson LBC Photo13 750pxKyle Almost landed the front 180

Bronson LBC Photo14 750pxSkate stopped by Parks and Rec before some NBDs went down

Bronson LBC Photo15 750pxCole Wilson and a fan

Bronson LBC Photo16 750pxProduct toss

Bronson LBC Photo17 750px

Bronson LBC Photo18 750pxThen Blake hyped up best trick at the stage gap for 100 bucks. Kyle got the ollie

Bronson GifJonathan Henderson came up with the money after a heavy benihana battle. Is that an NBD?

Bronson LBC Photo19 750pxPark posse

Bronson LBC Photo20 750pxBattle wounds—gotta pay to play

Bronson LBC Photo21 750pxDan Stolling putting the final touches on the video a few hours before the premier

Bronson LBC Photo22 750pxThen over at the Good Bar—

Bronson LBC Photo23 750pxDJ Partanen called in sick but this guy killed it

Bronson LBC Photo24 750pxBorden, Gavin and Dakota

Bronson LBC Photo25 750pxDylan was fired up

Bronson LBC Photo26 750pxThree amigos

Bronson LBC Photo27 750pxAYC’s new TM Brownie, Cole and Dakota waiting for the vid

Bronson LBC Photo28 750pxFrankie Heck, tossing one back

Bronson LBC Photo29 750pxA quick speech and then….

Bronson LBC Photo30 750px…here we go!
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