Burnout: Fork That!

Stevie arrives and now the AYC Hawaii trip can REALLY start.

Posse up at 808. Thanks for everything, y'all!

Can't go to Oahu without trying your luck at this thing.

Lawyer of the Sheps, breaking the ice.

D Wrex up next with the ol' noseslide nollie heel. Proper!

Jaws spot.

Your disaster, his 'feeling it out.'

Hump wallie drop. Oh, it's in the video.


Mark it, dude.

Al's backin' it.

Searching for it.

Vigilante tranny. Nice work, locals!

Oh, they got a handrail.

Step up QP.

Session's on!

Jah pushes his luck.

Maxed out, basically.

So this is the team. Good bonding opportunity.

Just some bros in a ditch.

'Nah, it's spelled S-H-E-P ...'

Moving on.

Another island pit.

Triple over head, tunnel escape.

'Fuh ...'

Eyeballing it.

Of course Jaws goes first.

Macho tail drop.

And then Riley got amongst it. More on this later.

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