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Hollywood Skate Riot

Bake and Destroy Premiere

Posted: October 15, 2012

Hollywood Boulevard. Crawling with creeps.


Early Ernies - the show wasn't supposed to start for hours.

Got hooked up with some massive Thrasher stickers. Thanks bros.


'Is Antwuan gonna be here?'

The front of the line. Hard fuckin' core.

A calm before the cosmic storm.

In the Skate Tank, shuttle service.

Over to Mr Dollin's garden party.

A flood of familiar faces.

On-line skate media's leading man.


Tuna-reeling face.

It's casual.

The Beagle Ewings.

Steppin' out in style. Look out!

Later, on Dave's diet.

'Are you ready for this?'

The line wrapped around the block. Everyone was there!!!

Hey! You're not Figgy!!!

Hey. You didn't write your city or zip code. Hit me up on Facebook!

Hold on ...

There it is!


You know Rudy and Frankie were there.

Behind the scene-sters.

Party bus arrives.

Ricks, everywhere.

'Are you Ryan Gee?' he asked. Shit. I wish!

If the Bird can't get you in, you ain't gettin' in.

Double date? Double the fun!

Then things started getting smashy up at the front.

And smashier.

Then there was a giant roar and the crowd charged forward.

It could have been way sketchier except that people just filled up the street instead of squishing each other's guts out.

20 minutes of pushing later and the security got testy.

Party's over. Bummer for everyone who missed the video. It'll be free in the mag in a couple of weeks and then on the website after that.

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740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Jaws dump-truck dives into the May issue and invites you to his 14-page freak show of an interview; Pappalardo talks cherry and Danny Way talks shotguns; Volcom searches for the truth in Hong Kong and Central America; Bones hits Spain; Powell unites the East Coast and a free Louie Lopez poster seals the deal. Add this one to your collection.

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740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Jaws dump-truck dives into the May issue and invites you to his 14-page freak show of an interview; Pappalardo talks cherry and Danny Way talks shotguns; Volcom searches for the truth in Hong Kong and Central America; Bones hits Spain; Powell unites the East Coast and a free Louie Lopez poster seals the deal. Add this one to your collection.