Burnout: L' Art

L' Art

Rainy streets of Paris.

Burnout: L' Art
But inside La Gaite Lyrique, bright with skate art.

Burnout: L' Art

Burnout: L' ArtFrench Fred, keeping it geometric.

Burnout: L' Art

Burnout: L' ArtOctopus chandelier by Thrasher almun, Adam Wallacavage.

Burnout: L' Art
Leisure pursuits, of course.

Burnout: L' ArtCurator, Yogi, with the business end of a Yelland original.

Burnout: L' Art
Giant bearing, no big deal.

Burnout: L' Art
Natas made an amazing animation of skateboarding's beloved graphics.

Burnout: L' Art
Chock-a-block with rad.

Burnout: L' Art
Here we go ....

Burnout: L' Art
Our shit, with JC acting as guard.

Burnout: L' ArtOutside, cafe culture.

Burnout: L' ArtSOTYs, everywhere.

Burnout: L' Art
Opening night - Pierre's skateable house.

Burnout: L' ArtFreestyler friendly.

Burnout: L' Art

Burnout: L' Art
More on this soon. Off to Copenhagen.

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