Burnout: Paris Afield

Parisian bricks with the Trujillos and co. on today's Burnout.

Left the safety of the museum to venture out onto the Parisian streets.

Burnout: Paris Afield
More like suburbs.

Burnout: Paris Afield
You can get anywhere in Europe provided you've got P-Stone and some semblance of a map.

Burnout: Paris Afield
Not that Tony and Sean are helpless, world-travelers both.

Burnout: Paris Afield
Here we go.

Burnout: Paris Afield
North Shore drop.

Burnout: Paris Afield
Kickflip channel.

Burnout: Paris Afield
Bank work.

Burnout: Paris Afield

Burnout: Paris Afield
Rudimentary halfpipery.

Burnout: Paris Afield

Burnout: Paris Afield
Snacks and bullshittin'.

Burnout: Paris Afield

Burnout: Paris Afield
Classic P-Stone 'splainin'.

Burnout: Paris Afield

Burnout: Paris Afield
Yarn a minute.

Burnout: Paris Afield
Like Bogart and Hepburn, sometimes.

Burnout: Paris Afield
Funny stuff.

Burnout: Paris Afield
Good match, those two.

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