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In the old days of TV, you could tell it was summer because there was nothing on but re-runs. In that tradition, let's call these photos pulled from the piles "classics," instead.

Posted: June 8, 2012

Terry had bought his mama a place out in Victorville at one point, which meant if you needed photos of him you were driving to the desert and skating Donny's. Fakie 5-0.

Maybe it was Corey's geometric outfits that inspired this new-wave composition. This was the same day he sacked that bank to bar. Backside flip.

Rad Dads, ruling the wasteland.

Chris Cole, twisted up like a svelte Bluto from Popeye.

Lil' Fucky, backside noseblunting when such things were slightly more rare.

The backbone of '90s vert. You guys should have a reunion or some shit.

Making out with your friend maybe isn't the healthiest way to get attention, but there's no questioning its effectiveness.

Look who got his John Hancock in there. Leo, you sly dog. 

James Hardy, dressed in a psych-lite ensemble, switch back fifty.

Probably seen this one before, but I keep it in the back of my mind as a cautionary tale. Slam, seizure and then we had to cut the fence open.

Any time you can get a sailboat into your skate photo, your following the San Diego Code of Photo Excellence.

Jimmy and Keegan, laugh riot.

My first digital camera made the sky look like an Atari 2600. Leo, back tail, fedora-wise.

Anybody remember Robert Lopez-Mont? Skate Life!!!

Marius, one step ahead of the man.

Two for one on this bump. Ollies are the most photographed skate move. Yeah, Shuriken!

Before the ATL twins there were the Fredrickson twins from Denver. Less double teaming, but definitely more giant rail skating.

Appleyard, in his rail days.

Saw knows that if God gives you a back patch of hair, the last thing you wanna do is hide it. Give it a friend!

Grosso, Steve and Jesse at Baldy.

An outtake of Jim's cover. Maybe should have used this one.

Poor translating is where 50% of our humor comes from.

I always called this the BK air after Bryce Kanights, but I'm sure Daewon was inspired by a Z-Boy doing it off a launch ramp.

You can never predict these moments, that's why you gotta have your camera ready at all times. Ralph and Omar - couples-only QP ride with bonus nipple tweak.

When you're classicly trained, every transition is a vert ramp.

Flip crew at Pizzey, three days before Shane died. Sad times.

Omar's 540. I'm sure the Bird has done one there, but still.

When it's time to show off for the crowd, it doesn't even matter if your trick makes sense.

Gary Valentine, a once-talented vert skater, decided to jump the Varsity double set on rollerblades.

I'm pretty sure he learned his lesson about all-nighters and bets among friends after this, but who knows.

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