Burnout: Tube Town

Beautiful Myrtle Creek, Oregon.

Burnout: Tube Town
Where the skatepark features three tube options, only one of which didn't have a melted popsicle in the bottom of it.

Burnout: Tube Town

Burnout: Tube Town

Burnout: Tube Town
It's always hard to tell if Alex likes something or not.

Burnout: Tube Town
Must've liked it well enough.

Burnout: Tube Town
Big-Air Berry's not afraid of a little FSA.

Burnout: Tube Town

Burnout: Tube Town
The difference in their facial expressions gives you valuable clues as to their approach.

Burnout: Tube Town
Lil' fish, no big deal.

Burnout: Tube Town
It's just 13 feet of vertical terror.

Burnout: Tube Town
Rune does a line that's 100-times scarier than it looks.

Burnout: Tube Town
Wherever's there's chicks, air time will follow.

Burnout: Tube Town
Not much else to do in Mrytle Creek.

Burnout: Tube Town

Burnout: Tube Town
Unless you count the Dairy Queen.

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