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Under The Ramp

October 10, 2010

Warm-up day.

Hendrix! Half cab heeler.

So-Cacka's finest: Brian Howard

If you wanna see Hewitt fly you gotta go on practice day.

Vamp, buddies the gap.

Hitz beefs.

PA legend, Dan Tag.

Knoop! Egg!

Upstart, Josh Stafford, booster.

Holy shit! Mark Lake was there! 53 years old.

Double-grab handplant channel. Truly awesome.

Sluggo, 360 to fakie.

Ben gets bent.

Buck Smith, lein D.

flapped Stelmasky

Pedro blasts off. He also did a switch invert.

Todd from Florida.


Sergie, just getting loose.

Buck Smith never quit skating.

Feej quit for 15 years, but he's back ... and so are his gymnasts.

Start out on game day with a photo booth under the ramp. First up: our guy.






Carney and Livingston


Good lookin' young people

Big Jer




These guys

Chuck's Army



Vert fans


The Vamp with The Merch

Josh Stafford

The Dunk

Losi !!

Div lives





Fancy girls, everywhere.





Ben Schroeder

Jacksonville's Finest

the kids

Henry Gutierrez

Grosso was a 'ref' complete with red flags

Here we go ....


Sam Hitz of Shed fame

Todd's crew

Holy shit. Jay Adams

the Woman of the Future

SCS crew. Time to get out from under the ramp.

back up top, Cab blasting like they never tore down Trashmore

Tom Adult




David and Alexis showed up from KOTR to get the extra 50 points.

Vamp pretended to be a ref for a sec. Total softy.

Leisure time around the ramp.

Legends, everywhere.

Things got tense real quick.

Lots of vert kids. Christ air - an actual make

Rune with the flying chicken.

Justin Lynch - lip mastery

Sluggo - Crooked cop

Neal's fronside grind to fakie is one of the best things going.

Allen muscles it frontside

Sweep and slap

Texas Legend - Bryan Pennington

Vert ramps and frontside airs. Can't get much better. Yep, it was a nice time.


All it took was a little vision.

Good night, vert skating.

Watch the 2010 Rumble in Ramona video here.

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