Burnout: West Enders

It’s that time of the year – video surprises around every corner! Louie Lopez dropped a heck of a bombshell and Volcom and Thrasher offered a sneak peek of his latest masterwork at the Good Bar in Long Beach last night, (which magically aligned on his 23rd birthday.) Cheers, Big Lou!

burnoutwest end 01 750pxWhat are they watching in there?

burnoutwest end 02 750pxOh yeah, of course.

burnoutwest end 03 750pxLil’ birthday dinner before the video. Cherie and Lannie, keeping it mellow

burnoutwest end 04 750pxNope. Not a bad pour at all, Cherie. A lot of people actually prefer half foam

burnoutwest end 05 750pxCheers Double L!

burnoutwest end 06 750pxYew!

burnoutwest end 07 750pxBetter add some chairs

burnoutwest end 08 750pxA hug from Hassan; worth more than any gift money can buy

burnoutwest end 09 750pxForeshadowing …

burnoutwest end 10 750pxAnd again

burnoutwest end 11 750pxAnother suspect pour, this time for SOTY ’00!

burnoutwest end 12 750pxThe blame game

burnoutwest end 13 750pxYet it’s always the SOTY who suffers

burnoutwest end 14 750pxProper couples photo out front. Nice!

burnoutwest end 15 750pxLining up

burnoutwest end 16 750pxTime to kill that thing

burnoutwest end 17 750pxGoldie and Jake, tight bros from way back

burnoutwest end 18 750pxHow dads get out their aggression

burnoutwest end 19 750pxBeats the stuff they used to do!

burnoutwest end 20 750pxFamiliar faces … Salk!

burnoutwest end 21 750pxBBF!

burnoutwest end 22 750pxThe Mason Silvas!

burnoutwest end 23 750pxNot the Alex Papkes!

burnoutwest end 24 750pxFlipsters, new and old!

burnoutwest end 25 750pxSteve Stratton lays in the cuts while Justin Reynolds gets flash blasted!

burnoutwest end 26 750pxWhen’s it starting?

burnoutwest end 27 750pxHeck!

burnoutwest end 28 750pxBring a beret … if you got one

burnoutwest end 29 750pxIsh!

burnoutwest end 30 750pxThe press, having a field day

burnoutwest end 31 750pxNah, it’s just Thrasher Dan™

burnoutwest end 32 750pxKeep in mind, this is before the video even started …

burnoutwest end 33 750pxSomeone’s gonna sleep good tonight

burnoutwest end 34 750pxGroup photo from on top of the table!

burnoutwest end 35 750pxIwasthere.com/awesome!

burnoutwest end 36 750pxFind Lance Mountain in this shot and win some gently-used Furys

burnoutwest end 37 750pxOiseau double!

burnoutwest end 38 750pxNever go Full Papke

burnoutwest end 39 750pxToo late!

burnoutwest end 40 750pxThe slow pan …

burnoutwest end 41 750pxMan, amazing turnout. I love these kinds of photos

burnoutwest end 42 750pxThis was pretty much everybody, except whoever was hogging the bathroom all night

burnoutwest end 43 750pxMasterlensmen L. Rhoades, R.Lee and Ant. They put in some major miles on this thing

burnoutwest end 44 750pxCongrats, Scorceses!

burnoutwest end 45 750pxTin, bringing some much-needed sophistication to this thing

burnoutwest end 46 750pxShould we start?

burnoutwest end 47 750pxRapt attention

burnoutwest end 48 750pxMesmerizing, really

burnoutwest end 49 750pxThe 4 Steps of Louie Lopez Ender Viewing. Step 1: Anticipation

burnoutwest end 50 750pxStep 2: Denial

burnoutwest end 51 750pxStep 3: Acceptance

burnoutwest end 52 750pxAnd finally, Step 4: Jubilation and/or pants shitting!

burnoutwest end 53 750pxThe crowd roared with stoke!

burnoutwest end 54 750pxYou did it, LL!

burnoutwest end 55 750pxAnother great one

burnoutwest end 56 750pxThat’s when the cupcakes showed up

burnoutwest end 57 750pxTook two trays to handle a birthday boy of this magnitude. Everyone sang

burnoutwest end 58 750pxGoddamn it – leave it to Louie to look cool even while blowing out birthday candles!

burnoutwest end 59 750pxSome guys just got it

burnoutwest end 60 750pxMust be nice

burnoutwest end 61 750pxCustom photo toppers - i.e. my Saturday afternoon

burnoutwest end 62 750pxYou don’t have to be an East Coast powerhouse to eat a pretty pink cupcake, but it certainly helps

burnoutwest end 63 750pxGet there, Domo!

burnoutwest end 64 750pxClean plate clubbers

burnoutwest end 65 750pxRussell had a Fire Marshall Bill vibe going on. Plus whatever’s going on with all those rings

burnoutwest end 66 750pxJust needs a solid mentoring

burnoutwest end 67 750pxLocal heavies, minds blown

burnoutwest end 68 750pxSexy librarian types … everywhere

burnoutwest end 69 750pxDJ Parts, parting the soundscape with blistering metal

burnoutwest end 70 750pxGavin holds back Larry from springing forth like the kraken

burnoutwest end 71 750pxOh, a Louie video brings out the babes. Bet on that

burnoutwest end 72 750pxDuck and Ish, brothers in stoke

burnoutwest end 73 750pxWhat’s Doug’s spliff ratio? What’s awesome plus awesome??

burnoutwest end 74 750pxLifers: Acosta and Caron. Nice to see y’all!

burnoutwest end 75 750pxAnd then on the other end of the stature equation … the Twin Towers – Kevin White and Caleb Barnett. Wow!

burnoutwest end 76 750pxOut front, rock and rollers, running the stoop!

burnoutwest end 77 750pxCan’t escape the babes lookin’ that tough!

burnoutwest end 78 750pxI take comfort in that. Rock and roll may be a little fucked up right now, but you can’t kill it. No way. Thanks fellas!

burnoutwest end 79 750pxMy new Greek bros. Aντιο σας, ya’ll

burnoutwest end 80 750pxAnd then finally, Ryan Lee’s limo arrived. Fun night! Thanks to Mike and Blake at the Good Bar, Volcom, Lannie, Ant, Ewan and Ryan Lee and especially Louie for knocking this shit out! Simply amazing! Watch that thing again right now!

burnoutwest end 81 750px‘What do you mean it’s over?’
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