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Chris Gregson full part

Of course there's Washington St and other huge walls in here, but Chris attacks streets, ditches, pools, rocks, dirt, and every other terrain. This guy absolutely rips.

Posted: October 24, 2013 

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Interview and photos: JT Rhoades

Age and where are you from?
Twenty two, Irvine California but i live in San Diego now.

Why did you leave Irvine?
A lot of the homies left. Irvine isn't the best place in the world, but it's not the worst place.

Who are your sponsors right now?
Blood Wizard, Emerica, Kr3w, Active, Independent trucks, OJ wheels, Lucky bearings and Crap eyewear

How did getting on Blood Wizard come about?
When I used to film, I went on a few Emerica trips with Mike Manzoori and he was always repping Blood Wizard stuff. I hit up Jeff Henderson from Emerica and asked him to check with Manzoori to see what's up with Blood Wizard. He talked to Toad and it all worked out.

You've been traveling a lot lately. Where have you been?
I went to Italy in June, then i went to Malmö Sweden about a month ago. I've just been skating everywhere, trying to go on as many trips as i can. I went to Denver twice this summer. Anywhere I can go, really.

You do a lot of camping too, right?
Camping is the best thing in the world. It's just an escape from being around the city and all the hectic-ness of everyday life. You go out there with your dog and your homies, just have fun and experience nature and shit. It's awesome!

You mentioned you filmed on trips with companies. What's up with that?
I just had a camera—was just filming all my friends—all my friends are really good, so it just kinda worked out. Being out skating with my friends all the time, we would get a lot of clips and i would make my own videos. Then Geoff Rowley called me when I was 17 and asked if i wanted to work for Flip. Who's gonna say no to that? So I did that for a little while. I helped out Jon Miner filming Collin and other ams during Stay Gold. Then my camera got stolen and I've just been skating ever since.

So your camera got stolen—you lost your job—then just decided to start skating again?

Did you ride for Birdhouse back in the day?
Yeah, I was getting flowed some boards, went on a few trips and also filmed a good amount of the video because I was on the trips.

How long did it take to start getting hooked up by fools again?
It took a little while because I was so used to being the filmer. It was kinda weird calling filmers and photographers to go film me, but I started skating Washington Street when I moved to San Diego, and I feel like I was skating well enough there to make something happen, I guess.

I remember when you were filming and you were completely broke. What was that like?
I feel like every skateboarder is struggling, whether they are filming or skating, but that doesn't stop anyone from doing what they want to do or what they are hyped on doing. Those were rough times. You just gotta mash through them.

You've had some crazy jobs since you quit filming. What kind of jobs have you had?
I worked at 7-Eleven for a few months and that was a crazy reality shock, I guess you could say. Just dealing with every type of human you can imagine. I washed some dishes for this pizza place. Oh, and I rolled joints for a dispensary. Those were pretty much the only jobs I've had in a while.

Tell me about your potato diet.
Well, I don't eat meat and potatoes are the cheapest thing you can buy from the store, and you can make a million different things out of them. Every day I go and get two 87-cent potatoes. You got breakfast potatoes. You got lunch potatoes. You can make a baked potato—whatever, they're always good.

How do you like living in San Diego?
San Diego is the shit. Growing up in Irvine, which is pretty much in the middle of San diego and LA, I had the luxury of being able to skate in both places—hang out in both places. San Diego just had way more of a mellow vibe to it, just not as hectic and not as many people, so I was way more down for that than being in LA where you are in traffic all the time. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I like to skate transitions and San Diego just has more than LA does. That was one thing that drew me down here, and I love it. I never want to leave.

Do you drive yourself to spots?
Uh, I used to when i was a filmer. Thats all I did because I had a car, so I would drive everyone everywhere. Now I haven't driven in the past few years. The homies have been helping me out a lot so it kind of works out. My car sucks right now and I don't have a license.

Who inspires you to get out and shred?
Collin Provost is killing it the hardest right now. Me personally, I like watching people who can skate everything and Collin is that. He has everything, you know? He will just kill everything. I'm super hyped on Rowan Zorilla, 'cause that fool can also skate everything. He has the sickest style and he just surfs around. Pretty much all my homies, too. They get me psyched to skate. Little C is fuckin' killing it. Mason. Everyone, dude.

What do you see 2014 looking like for Chris Gregson?
Just keep mashing. Don't stop!

Whats your favorite beer?
Day beers, Pacifico. Nighttime beers, Budweiser. Easy to drink.

If you knew you were going to die, what would your last meal be?
Probably one of those medieval knight tables where they just have everything you can imagine.

So you'd quit being a vegetarian for your last meal?
Fuck yeah!

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