LRG's "1947" Premiere

In an era of short attention spans and constant digital stimulus, not many companies commit to the full-length video project. LRG went ALL IN for "1947" and the result was incredible. The entire team kills it, and the guys behind the scenes, like TM Tyrone Romero and Director Kyle Camarillo, did an amazing job. Cheers to one hell of an offering to the Skate Gods. —Joe Hammeke

01The LRG squad assembled and ready in the parking lot of The Standard hotel in Downtown LA.

03Felipe Gustavo leads the crew towards the Orpheum Theater.

04Filmer, photographer, editor and producer, Kyle Camarillo was already out front.

05This old man was working on his kickflips in the parking lot.

06Gary Rogers was there, so look for a video recap coming soon.

07Sebo Walker and Feds anticipating.

08Devine Calloway!  Where have you been?

09Chico says “Come inside and check out the video”

10Roger Bagley and Louie Barletta

12“Tommy! I beg you for an interview”

13“Gary, you know I’ve been avoiding you all night”

14It’s good, real good.

15Jack Curtin, stoked 

16The crowd piled out into the streets.

17See you at Black.

18Carlos Ribeiro, Joey Brezinski, Trent McClung, and the ladies ready to party.

19Trent McClung and Jack Curtin celebrating success

20Tom Asta dropped a baby and a video part all in the same week—Congrats.

21Miles Silvas shut it down!

  • Trent McClung's "1947" Part

    Trent McClung's "1947" Part
    Trent really turned it up for this video part. A lot of excited people were yelling at the screen the night of the premiere…especially when that last trick dropped.
  • Miles Silvas' "1947" Part

    Miles Silvas' "1947" Part
    The beauty of street skating is that there are no rules. No official guidelines for what makes something great. However, when all the stars align you get Miles Silvas, a once in generation talent we can all appreciate. Sit back and enjoy the show.
  • Miles Silvas' "1947" Interview

    Miles Silvas' "1947" Interview
    He’s been jetting all over the globe the past year, but we caught up with him for a quick interview while he was back home in Sacramento.
  • Tom Asta's "1947" Part

    Tom Asta's "1947" Part
    This part is packed with jaw-dropping tricks and lines from the beginning, but towards the end you’re gonna see some things that don’t even seem possible.
  • Tommy Sandoval's "1947" Interview

    Tommy Sandoval's "1947" Interview
    Tommy Sandoval talks about filming for the LRG video, frontside flipping a 17-stair for a bottle of wine and getting in trouble in Mexico.
  • Jack Curtin's "1947" Part

    Jack Curtin's "1947" Part
    Jack has always applied his technical expertise to the big boy terrain, and this part is no exception. Style and trick selection are in full supply. Curtin is a Boss.
  • Jack Curtin's "1947" Interview

    Jack Curtin's "1947" Interview
    Jack talks T-Gunz, the making of the LRG video, and stepping away from DGK. Have a read...
  • Carlos Ribeiro's "1947" Part

    Carlos Ribeiro's "1947" Part
    We knew Carlos was really good, but we don’t think anyone knew how hectic things were gonna get in this video part. Jaws were dropping the night of the LRG premiere. Now it’s your turn to get blown away…
  • Firing Line: Carlos Ribeiro

    Firing Line: Carlos Ribeiro
    His part in the LRG vid is a revelation. Face melter supreme. This line is just a sample of what’s in store.
  • The Making of LRG's "1947" Video

    The Making of LRG's "1947" Video
    Check out LRG's voyage to 1947 in this article from the November '15 issue.