Thrasher Comix: Horror and Sci-Fi covers

Thrasher Comix: Horror and Sci-Fi covers
Art by James Callahan | Concepts and Mickey-Goat art by Adam Creagan

Skating produces all sorts of stories: slams, makes, spots, random street weirdos, and so on. Even the tall tales often have a nugget of truth within them. Here are some wild story ideas that could never possibly happen. Or could they?

As seen in the September 2014 mag.

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  • Skate Valentine's Day Cards

    Skate Valentine's Day Cards
    Feel the love (and the convenience and affordability) as you give your girl one of our free V-Day cards instead of buying her some hokey Hallmark garbage.
  • Character Study: The skate art of ModernCholo

    Character Study: The skate art of ModernCholo
    It's obvious where Anthony "ModernCholo" Cardenas finds his influences. He takes both well-known and obscure animated characters and collides them straight into the world of skateboard photography. The result he creates is a pretty cool place to visit.
  • "The Ditch Diablo" Artist Profile of Barf

    "The Ditch Diablo" Artist Profile of Barf
    James "Barf" Callahan has done a bunch of amazing projects with Thrasher before, but his interactive comic book "The Ditch Diablo" was on another level. Check out his interview and the portfolio of one of the sickest illustrators out there.
  • "The Ditch Diablo" comic book

    "The Ditch Diablo" comic book
    Behold the cursed realm of The Ditch Diablo! Take a spin through our interactive skate comic book where you choose the adventure. The consequences of your choices are the difference between LIFE and DEATH. Enter if you dare!
  • Skateboard Hieroglyphics

    Skateboard Hieroglyphics
    Ancient Egypt is known for Pyramids, Pharaohs, and mummies. Our research of their mysterious written language also indicates they had a ripping skate scene with unique hazards.