Posted: January 25th, 2008
"Kick the groupie out of your bed. Meet up with the Rattler members. Go skating."

Interview by Gordon Eckler | Photos by Kevin Madsen

The first time I saw Rattler my life changed for the better. Once they started playing, things got insane so quickly. Beer was flying, girls were getting naked, and dudes were raging. I got so awesome I was thrown out before the show was over. Rattler is the best band in the world. —Bobby Worrest

Lets start out with a roll call.
Rick Rattler (lead vocals) Scott Rattler (vocals/crush shit) Rattlesnake (drums) Mickey "Hollywood" Fangs (lead guitar) Bobby Coils (rhythm guitar) Frank Williams (Bass)

How long's the band been together?
Since birth; we all shot out of the same pussy and started working on tracks for our demo in kindergarten.

How did you get started?
I just fucking told you! Don't ask me the same question twice!


Why won't you come play the West Coast?
Been there, done that. Heard of the Party Room?

How do you feel about getting to be on the upcoming King Of the Road video?
We’re stoked out of our minds! When we were growing up, instead of going to church and reading the Bible, we got drunk out and read Thrasher. It's a fucking huge honor!

What else do you do besides rock and roll?
Shred the gnar and fuck chicks.

How long did it take you to make that Bobby Worrest Behind the Griptape video?
Our boy Rory Sheridan did that. He makes all our videos and parties with us at Suck Side. But I think it took him two days.

What's up with the Suck Side? Do you guys still hang out there?
Fuck yeah; it’s actually called South Side 815. We love that fucking place. Greg the bartender makes a mean Jaeger bomb. There’re always plenty of Rattler groupies, and Two-Nine runs that shit.


What are some examples of '”Getting Awesome”?
Rattlesnake crashed a Christmas party downtown and woke up at the VFW and got full benefits. Rick fucked his best friend’s sister and then woke up and got drunk with her mom and fucked her mid-day style. Scott tried to go to every bar in DC in one day with the Silver Bullets crew. Somehow he ended up at a retirement home in Dundalk, Maryland drinking Courvoisier and getting lap daces from old ladies. Mickey Fangs did a triple Jaeger bomb, blacked out, and woke up in the morgue. He still has the toe tag. He came up with the solo in "Suck the Venom" while he was dead.


How did Rattler hook up with Nitro Tokyo to put out the CD split-released in 2007?
They are fucking awesome as shit! It was inevitable! Our bands are bonded musically!

Tell us a little bit about the real “Rattler Way of Life.”
It’s a song we wrote about our lifestyle. Our day-to-day routine. The 3 B's: Beers, bitches, and boardslides. Duh. Listen to the song.

Rumor has it that Rattler’s been involved in many lawsuits containing young women claiming that Rattler is the father of their children. Care to comment?
Look, we're a band, we tour. Fans like souvenirs. Some people come and get a t-shirt. Some people come and get a CD. Some people really come and get a baby.

What does the number "29" mean to Rattler? Why play a s how every year on July 29th?
The Two-Nine crew is our skateboard crew. We're been getting together since 1994 every year on July 29th to BBQ, slam beers, and go skating. It gets better every year. If you're in DC on July 29th, stop by and get awesome.

A short Indie film titled "Rattler Live at The Party Room" has been circling the internet for years now. Tell me a little bit about the making of that film. Did SFPD really shut it down?
Yeah. We came to SF and played a show in a mega exclusive SF club called the Party Room (maximum capacity two people). It was this super hip bar in The Mission. We were halfway through "Suck the Venom" when the SFPD showed up and shut the show down. We could barely see at that point because we had been drinking for three days straight. We haven't been asked back since.


What is a perfect day in the life of the Rattler?
Wake up after never having gone to sleep. Do a beer bong. Kick the groupie out of your bed. Meet up with the Rattler members. Go skating. Write an awesome riff. Listen to Rattler. Go to happy hour. Have a Jaeger bomb. Find another groupie. Repeat.

What’s the real story behind “The Panty Incinerator”?
Every time we played the song, we noticed a burning smell. After about four shows we realized that it was girls’ panties burning because we were fucking them so hard with our music. Some of our female fans were complaining so we had to release "Panty Incinerator" as a warning for girls to bring back-up panties.

How much money would you say Rattler spends weekly (or even daily) on Jaeger bombs?
Brent at Magic Bullet (our record label) funds our Jaeger habit.

Any shout outs?
Jay Littleton for recording, Two-Nine, Silver Bullets Crew, PMA, Olympia, Gordon Eckler, Brent at Magic Bullet Records, Suckside, Kevin Madsen for photos, 29films.com, and all the girls we’ve slammed or are going to.

Download Rattler songs and albums from the iTunes store here.
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