Now and Venn Winners and Losers


VENN DIAGRAMS SOUND COMPLICATED: “Interlaced circles used to illustrate relationships between defined sets.” But you know them when you see them, and their simple logic is goon-friendly. Applying Venn Diagrams to skating is tricky because skating is more than the sum of its parts. The question is, what parts are we talking about? To find out, we took wisdom, reason, and the scientific process. And then we threw them out the window.

We received hundreds of Venn submissions. Here are the three winners, a bunch more we threw together, and even more from the March 2012 mag can be found here.



WINNER: Andrew McDonney, Boston, MA


WINNER: Seth Renford, Houston, TX


WINNER: Mike Eberfeld, San Jose, CA


Congrats to the three guys above. We'll be sending a package of gear your way. And here's a few more we had laying around.
















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