Sh!t To Skate Besides Curbs

Curb Intro 750pxI’m not sure if it’s because of my age or just a general shift in skateboarding’s collective consciousness, but lately when I scroll through my endless social-media feeds, about 90 percent of the skate content is curb footage. And, yeah, curb skating is fun; everybody knows that. But there’s so many other things to ride, it seems weird to get so fixated on one obstacle. That being said, if you find yourself stuck in the curb zone and your spirit is looking for some varied terrain, I got your back, homies. Here’s some suggestions: 

stairs 750pxStairs 750pxStairs are cool because you can find them in any size. Wanna fuck up your knees? Find a good double-digit double set. Just wanna dick around and have fun with your friends? There’s surely a four set in your town just waiting for you. Also, every time you bail a trick down stairs you have to walk back up them to try again, and that’s really good for keeping the ol’ buns high and tight. 


Ledges 750pxLedges are like curbs except they’re taller. In the late ’80s, a lot of skateboarders moved from curbs to ledges because you can do all the same tricks, plus you get to sprak some ollies. An ollie is a trick invented in the ’70s. It’s where you make your skateboard catch some hands-free air using magic and leg muscles.

mini ramp 750pxMini 750pxMini ramps are like vert ramps except they’re smaller so they’re not as terrifying. Mini ramps are often found at private residences, so you can BBQ and crack cold ones with your crew without security guards or cops trying to confiscate your hot wings or Busch Ice tall boys. You can also use the crapper if you gotta spray some beer foam out of your pooper.

Hills 750pxUnlike most disciplines in skateboarding, bombing hills is something you can do almost immediately after learning how to stand on a ’board. I’ve seen YouTube videos of small children, sorority girls and beer-bellied dads all taking the plunge. Sure, it inevitably ends with a horrific patch of shredded flesh spread across the asphalt, but until that moment it always looks very exhilarating. Tip: if you get speed wobbles, avoid parked cars. 


rails 750px

Rails 750pxA lot of curb tricks can also be done down (or up!) rails. Rails, like vert ramps, are also terrifying, so I don’t know a whole lot about them. One time when I was 14 years old I caveman slid a nine stair and when I landed my board popped up and hit me in the mouth. My G&S truck damn near went through my lip! Anyway, rails are fun to skate if you like bleeding and being scared.

Toyota 750pxLet’s be honest: that thing hasn’t moved out of her driveway in over three years. And, unfortunately, the next ride she’s probably going to take is in the back of an ambulance after breaking her hip, so she’s probably not going to notice a few dings and dents if you and your friends take her car to the local bump and session it like a box. Almost-dead people are cool like that. 

Curb PQ 750px


Curb Graphic 750pxRoadkill 750pxKickflip a kitten, tré flip a terrier, primo slide through a possum, dolphin flip a deer, body varial some vermin, revert through a raccoon, stinkbug a squirrel, fastplant a frog, gorilla grip a gopher, ho ho over a hobo—
if it’s dead, go ahead and shred.

Flatground 750pxIf you’re sick of skating curbs, just skate the ground in front of the curb. Skating flatground literally used to be an entire discipline within skateboarding. It was called freestyle. Nowadays it has morphed into a game called SKATE, but it’s the same thing: you basically just roll around, try not to hit anything fun on your skateboard and attempt to impress everybody with how consistent
you are at being boring.

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