Shep Dawgs 5 Premiere Photos

Last night, Jacob Nunez and the boys premiered their latest at the Oceanside Pier stage, a spot with some skateboarding history dating back to the ’80s. Back in April of ’85, a guy named Street Scott had the “Somethin' Else” photo boardsliding a handrail at Golden Gate park. This was back before everything was filmed, so other than those who witnessed it, no one was sure how he got into or out of it. But in ’86 at a contest at the Pier stage in Oceanside, mid-run, Natas Kaupas (presumably inspired by Street Scott) tried to ollie to boardslide the north-stage handrail. That’s regarded as some of the first video documentation of someone trying to skate a handrail and from that point forward it was on. Thirty-one years later, Shep Dawgs 5 features some of the heaviest handrail skating to date, including a last-part ender-ender mind-melting boardslide by Taylor Kirby.Joe Hammeke


Photos by Joe Hammeke and JT Rhodes

01 750pxThe Oceanside Pier stage

02 750pxThe handrail that Natas tried to boardslide in ’86. Watch T-Spliff’s part here tomorrow and see what he does on the rail on the other side of the stage

03 750pxPaco and Riley setting up the projector

04 750pxBobby Long says, "Check the feed"

05 750pxMerch table with the complete Shep Dawgs anthology

06 750pxShep Dads slangin' the goods

07 750pxSpeaking of Shep Dads, Mr. Rhoades and son Lannie

08 750pxYou already know this father/son duo

09 750pxAnd one of the younger dads, Skate Mafia TM Dan Connelly and his son Fox

10 750pxSpeaking of Skate Mafia, Stephen Lawyer keepin' it camo with Emiliano

11 750pxFeds and Sebo ventured from Venice

12 750pxAll the Dawgs to the stage

13 750pxPretty epic view

14 750pxShep Dawg photawg, JT Rhoades

15 750pxTanner Cribs, Poppa Kirby, Riley and Figgy in front of a massive premiere turnout

16 750pxBernardo and AJ Zavala, hang loose

17 750pxInland empire lensman Tim Aguilar and Blood Wizard’s Nolan Miskell

18 750pxTaylor Kirby with Mom Dukes and his girlfriend. Last part—well deserved!

19 750px 2xFeds beyond stoked! Congratulations, Jacob

20 750pxJacob and Riley wrapping things up after the show, DIY style

21 750pxThe Birdman’s favorite Shep Dawg, Rowan, with Jadd and Broose

22 750pxThen Rowan tried to wrestle Figgy…

23 750px…not so fast

24 750pxWell, look who’s back in the USA!

25 750pxDustin, Andrew Lutheran, Luke and Dan-Lu

26 750pxLet’s take it to Larry’s

27 750pxLarry’s Beach Club, where Figgy’s band Pharlee was playing the after party

28 750pxOnly problem was despite giving Riley a stack of wristbands, the place was already at capacity with the regular crowd. So no one was getting in unless someone left and it wasn’t looking promising

29 750pxLarry’s parking-lot lurkage with Gustavo and Azaf on a day trip from TJ

30 750pxDylan Witkin texting but can’t get in

31 750pxT-Spliff trying to hide behind a slice of pizza

32 750pxThen Lan Man makes the call that, “It’s time to go!" Good job, all you Dawgs! Another killer vid to add to the anthology. Can't wait for number 6!

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