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JohnAllison_thumbPhoto: Taylor DeHart
JedFuller_thumbPhoto: Gage Thompson
SteveMull_thumbPhoto: Mark Spooner
KevinLove_thumbPhoto: Mitchell Bonadies
ColeGroenewold_thumbPhoto: Lane Kloskowski
FrankShaw_ThumbPhoto: Brady Walsh
RobertParrish_thumbPhoto: Spencer Morgan
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Santa Cruz Tour East Coast Oct 02
CONS Project: Filming Skate Videos North America Oct 04
Larb Fest San Diego, CA Oct 11
King VI: Bowl Bash Jamestown, NY Oct 18
Skatestock III Houston, TX Oct 18
Rheumatic Hard Core Session Brazil Oct 25
A Skatemare on 7th Street Wilmington, DE Oct 25
740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Miles Silvas kickflip back tails his way onto the October cover and continues his campaign of carnage with a 14-page interview inside. Asphalt Yacht Club goes full-on conspiracy theory in Denver; Supra crushes the cobblestone in the UK and Cory Kennedy and company hit the dirt on a Hellride through the Pacific Northwest. Turn on, tune out, drop in. Add this one to your collection.