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RottithumbPhoto: Eyki Asgeirsson
Jan_ZecheisterthumbPhoto: Dirk Haensch
Ben_EdwardsthumbPhoto: Steve Haas
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Tommy Guerrero Eindhoven, The Netherlands Apr 18
Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze II Oakland, CA Apr 19
Kanis Bash Little Rock, Arkansas May 03
5.9 Death Flowers Providence, RI May 10
Born-Free x Loser Machine Builders Invite Irvine, CA Jun 28
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Jaws dump-truck dives into the May issue and invites you to his 14-page freak show of an interview; Pappalardo talks cherry and Danny Way talks shotguns; Volcom searches for the truth in Hong Kong and Central America; Bones hits Spain; Powell unites the East Coast and a free Louie Lopez poster seals the deal. Add this one to your collection.