Trevor Colden Interview

By Michael Sieben

I heard that your favorite skater from back home (Virginia Beach) is Kyle Berard. If that's the case, how come you don't have any tranny footage in your new part?
Yeah, Kyle is my favorite skater from back home. He's amazing. I wish I had some tranny tricks In my part, but I haven't really been to any tranny spots lately.

Do you have any tranny skills?
I can cruise around.

Speaking of trannys, does it bum you out that people say you look like a lady?
Not at all.

Do you get a lot of shit for being so skinny?
No, not really. I just eat healthy. Or I try to eat healthy

5-0 Photo: Burnett

Switch frontside heelflip Sequence: Rhino

What's your definition of eating healthy? What do you normally eat?
I used to only eat snacks, but I try to eat salads and stuff like that at least once a day now.

Are you psyched to be on Nike? You're tight with Ishod, right?
Yeah, I'm super stoked to be on Nike. All the guys are really cool. Ishod and I are good friends and I can't wait to go on trips with him. It's gonna be fun.

Are there any non-skate athletes on Nike that you'd be psyched to meet? Sushi with Kobe?
There are a lot of awesome athletes I'd like to meet. It'd be awesome to chill with Kobe Bryant.

Do you have any interests outside of skateboarding?
I like to do a lot of stuff besides skate. I like to fish and I enjoy cooking.

Switch 360 flip on the cover of the August 2012 issue. Photo: Burnett

Where do you fish? Deep sea?
Just like little ponds and lakes.

I noticed in your new part there's only one flatground trick in the whole thing. Do you hate Rodney Mullen?
Rodney Mullen is the shit! I wish I had more flatground tricks in my part.

What's your favorite trick that Mullen invented?
The kickflip.

What do you think you'll do on your skateboard when you're too old to jump down big shit?
Probably just roll around—cruise around in the bowl or something.

Gap to frontside blunt Photo: Burnett

Frontside feeble Sequence: Rhino

Were you intimidated the first time you met Jamie Thomas?
No, not at all. Jamie is super nice. But I was like, "Holy shit, that's Jamie Thomas!"

Does Jamie ever critique your footage or make special requests for video parts?
Nah, he doesn't do that.

What's so mysterious about Mystery?
No one knows. It's still a mystery.

Were you bummed when Mystery added color to their graphics?
Not really. I'm kinda stoked on it actually.

Switch heelflip Photo: Burnett

Frontside shove-it backside 50-50 Sequence: Burnett

What's your favorite skateboard graphic of all times?
Woodgrain Heath Kirchart Alien Workshop board.

If you get a pro-model board, what kind of graphics do you want on that thing?
I would like to do something that involves Virginia. I don't really have anything specific in mind, though. 

Are you going to move into an apartment now that you've got some of that Nike money in your pocket?
My goal is to save up enough money to buy a house. 'Till then I'm going to try to live as free as possible for as long as possible.

Are your parent's proud of you? Are they supportive of your skateboarding dreams?
Yes, my parents are really supportive about my skating. They always have been. They're awesome!

50-50 Photo: Burnett

Backside 360 Sequence: Burnett

What kind of rap music do you like?
I like all music. As far as rap goes, I like whatever will get you hyped.

When are you going to buy a motorcycle?
I have no clue. Not anytime soon though, 'cause those things are dangerous.

Who is your favorite female skateboarder?
Elissa Steamer 'cause she looks amazing on a skateboard. Best style—so casual.

Can skateboarding be too mean at times?
I don't think so. It can be stressful sometimes, but not mean.

Switch frontside heelflip Photo: Burnett

Nollieflip noseslide Sequence: Burnett

If you hadn't discovered skateboarding, what do you think you'd be doing with your life?
I probably would have tried to become a chef.

Have you ever tried to do a backside boneless?
Yeah, they're hard as shit but look so sick!

What's next for Trevor?
Just keep skating and filming. Filming for this Nike video and a Mystery project.

What's the Mystery project? Are you guys working on a full-length video?
Yeah, Mystery is working on a full video! Not sure when it will be out though.

Why do you think skateboarding is so awesome?
Because you're skating with your friends and having a blast doing it. Skateboarding is amazing.

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