T-Eddy Awards 2016

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There's no such thing as bad coverage, but every pro cringes when they see it's T-Eddy time again. Rippers, trippers, losers and winners. We kid... because we LOVE. As seen in the April 2017 issue. Got an award we forgot? Write it in the comments!

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  • Magnified: Jesse Noonan

    Magnified: Jesse Noonan
    Jesse swims upstream, conquering a colossal Euro gap in the bowels of the Land Down Under.
  • Rough Cut: Lizard King's "Deathwish Part Two" Part

    Rough Cut: Lizard King's "Deathwish Part Two" Part
    Owner of one of the fiercest flicks in the game, Lizard barges in his own direction, unafraid to drop himself into disastrous situations.
  • King of the Road Season 3: Andy's Big Slam

    King of the Road Season 3: Andy's Big Slam
    He don't just sit on the sidelines. Andy Roy practices what he preaches ... and pays in pain! Watch episode two, "Death by Pizza" tonight at 9 pm on Viceland. Check the list of viewing parties, too!
  • Burnout: Clay Day

    Burnout: Clay Day
    Kreiner and crew grab some sky time, Weiss gets worked and Clay’s epic part premiers. Y’all seen that thing, right?!!
  • Clay Kreiner Interview

    Clay Kreiner Interview
    He's from South Cacka, he does padless kickflip 540s on concrete and he's just getting started.
  • Indy's "No Meat Pies, No Glory!" Video

    Indy's "No Meat Pies, No Glory!" Video
    Independent sent a stacked roster down to OZ for an all-out spot blitz. This edit is chock full of hammers from start to finish. HEAVY.
  • The Follow Up: Chris Livingston

    The Follow Up: Chris Livingston
    Chris Livingston’s recent Vagrant part left no doubt that, spotlight or not, he’s out there destroying terrain. We caught up with him to talk pools, early ‘90s vert and why being away from the industry isn’t always such a bad thing.
  • Dalton Newbury's "Melodi" Part

    Dalton Newbury's "Melodi" Part
    Dalton synthesizes proper trick selection with some real Memphis music, all captured beautifully by the VX1000. Enjoy...
  • Artform's "Poisonous Arts" Vol. 2

    Artform's "Poisonous Arts" Vol. 2
    This crew of tech wizards practice insane skate sorcery. Here’s a sick edit of the Artform apparel riders, featuring Will Fyock, Victor Brooks, TJ Harris, Taylor McClung and Shmatty Chaffin.
  • Hall of Meat: Jason Thurtle

    Hall of Meat: Jason Thurtle
    Not sure if we’ve ever included a "Graphic Content!" warning on the website before. But we have now. This jaw-breaker is brutal and we wish Jason a full recovery.