T-Eddy Awards 2016

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There's no such thing as bad coverage, but every pro cringes when they see it's T-Eddy time again. Rippers, trippers, losers and winners. We kid... because we LOVE. As seen in the April 2017 issue. Got an award we forgot? Write it in the comments!

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  • Hall Of Meat: Chase Webb

    Hall Of Meat: Chase Webb
    His foot doesn’t get broke off but his wrist sure does.
  • Bru-Ray: ATL and Across

    Bru-Ray: ATL and Across
    A good couple days in ATL with Tom, GT, Brock, Pat and crew before Plunkett and I powered it back out west with stops in Birmingham, El Paso and a little session at the Anderson’s residence. –P-Stone
  • Magnified: Lizzie Armanto

    Magnified: Lizzie Armanto
    With its big walls and unforgiving terrain, Washington Street can be a harsh dragon’s lair. Lizzie slays a fearless make in the corner pocket.
  • Johan Stuckey's "WKND" Part

    Johan Stuckey's "WKND" Part
    Johan takes his lanky, bespectacled, newly-minted professional frame to the streets, smashing into walls, jumping onto tall bars, and accepting a few guest appearances from his WKND friends. Enjoy...
  • Classics: Jeff Grosso's "Label Kills" part

    Classics: Jeff Grosso's "Label Kills" part
    In each of the past four decades, you could always find Grosso doing classic tricks on big terrain. Lizzie Armanto introduces a great edit from 2001.
  • SKATELINE: 04.18.2017

    SKATELINE: 04.18.2017
    Dave Mull's part, Taylor Kirby goes pro, Malto takes on Donovan and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Unwashed: Corey Glick's "Oddity" Part

    Unwashed: Corey Glick's "Oddity" Part
    In a video full of standouts, Mr. Glick left quite the impression. Here’s a raw look at the blood, sweat and body-jarring hits that went into the making of his killer video part.
  • Bru-Ray: Vert Attack 2017

    Bru-Ray: Vert Attack 2017
    Boards, beers and bros once again convened at the Bryggeriet in Malmo for the Vert Attack. Wilkins, Lasek, Kreiner, Beckett and a whole slew of others destroyed the ramp. Cheers again for another great weekend. –P-Stone
  • Firing Line: Antony Lopez

    Firing Line: Antony Lopez
    The flip, the catch, the subtle chirp of urethane on the switch backside nosegrind revert, all add up to a flawless line. Antony Lopez brings that immaculate tech to the game
  • Taylor Kirby's "Shep Dawgs 5" Part

    Taylor Kirby's "Shep Dawgs 5" Part
    The most electrifying skater from one of the rockin'est crews rolling, you'll know why Deathwish turned Kirby pro before you get to the first guitar solo. Crank this joint to 11 and watch Kirby send it!