"The Creature Video" Premiere Photos

The Creature Video premiered in San Diego on Friday night and what better way to kick it off than to have a pre-game party in the alley outside of Skeleton Key headquarters with a slider bar, quarterpipe, the homies, a BBQ and some ice-cold beverages. After a few hours of straight alley lurking before the police took notice, everyone headed over to the Tango Del Rey to feast their eyes on another Creature video masterpiece. Get your hands on a DVD or an iTunes download. The video is heavy! —Rhino

Creature Photo1 750pxDAF Noah and Creature Lee lurking in Mission Beach

Creature Photo2 750pxStraight from Norway, Kevin Bækkel and AZ’s finest, Ryan Reyes

Creature Photo3 750pxTruman straight out the trench!

Creature Photo4 750pxA slider bar? Ry Rey, one-foot front board

Creature Photo5 750pxChris Russell goes big!

Creature Photo6 750pxCinco de Mayo—Navs entertaining inside Skeleton Key’s HQ

Creature Photo7 750pxOG Jimmy Acosta

Creature Photo8 750pxHey, Ryan, that's a QP, not a jump ramp!

Creature Photo9 750pxMilton, always a pleasure to watch. Kickflip fakie

Creature Photo10 750pxTate Carew keeping up with the big dogs, boneless

Creature Photo11 750pxNavs inverts off the side

Creature Photo12 750pxMilton, frontside flip

Creature Photo13 750pxChris Russell and Lefty ripping through the alley

Creature Photo14 750pxDamn! Who’s that catching some air?

Creature Photo15 750pxShould have known. Milton!

Creature Photo16 750pxOne last blastoff before heading over to the premier

Creature Photo17 750pxTango Del Rey. Who's been here before?

Creature Photo18 750pxConover, Russell and Lee, ready to par-tee

Creature Photo19 750pxBingaman, Gravette and Noah

Creature Photo20 750pxLefty knows how to get down

Creature Photo21 750pxFilming legend Ewan Bowman and his lady Darcy made it down to see the carnage

Creature Photo22 750pxSam Hitz and Trevor hadn't seen each other since KOTR

Creature Photo23 750pxBækkel and his homies ready to check his part out

Creature Photo24 750pxTrench life!

Creature Photo25 750pxJohn Gardner and his pops

Creature Photo26 750pxAlan Young holding up the young rippers: CJ and Keegan

Creature Photo27 750pxTwista, Hewitt, Lefty and friend

Creature Photo28 750pxTruman's Trench crew runs deep

Creature Photo29 750pxThe Partanens and Marius

Creature Photo30 750pxUpper-balcony lurks all fired up

Creature Photo31 750pxGravette, Ryan and their ladies getting ready for it!

Creature Photo32 750pxAnd here we go. Thanks to everyone who came out! And check the tour schedule below to see if there's a premiere near you



  • Firing Line: Willis Kimbel

    Firing Line: Willis Kimbel
    Let the good times roll! Willis heats up his bearings and melts urethane on this wicked line.
  • The Creature Video Outtakes: Gravette @ Laurel Ledge

    The Creature Video Outtakes: Gravette @ Laurel Ledge
    Yet another Outtake from The Creature Video... Gravette hits up a ledge on a hill and gets a quick three. If you haven't seen the NEW Creature Video yet, what are you waiting for?!
  • Creature Outtakes: Euro Bonanza

    Creature Outtakes: Euro Bonanza
    Another Outtakes from the Creature video; this time the crew spends a few weeks in Berlin, Warsaw and Budapest while filming for the video.
  • Fatback: Creature

    Fatback: Creature
    Joe Brook cruised around the backroads of the USA, snapping pics and getting bootleg footy, while The Fiends put the finishing touches on their recent full-length. 
  • David Gravette's "Creature Video" Part

    David Gravette's "Creature Video" Part
    The Lamb will never let you down. His latest, a two-song odyssey of epic proportions, showcases the gnar, but also the quirky tricks that make David so damn awesome.
  • David Gravette Pissed Off & Pissed On

    David Gravette Pissed Off & Pissed On
    Gravette discusses everything from grueling pain to his BMX fascination to misplaced poops. There is hardly a conversation off-limits in David’s world.
  • The Creature Video Outtakes: Titus Sesh

    The Creature Video Outtakes: Titus Sesh
    The Creature team rips Titus' indoor bowl on filming mission for the new video. Check it out.
  • Milton Martinez's "Creature Video" Part

    Milton Martinez's "Creature Video" Part
    There isn’t anyone on the planet who better represents SKATE AND DESTROY. Milton is a one-man wrecking crew. Get out of the way!
  • Milton Martinez on Weed and Money

    Milton Martinez on Weed and Money
    Checking in with the hammer-dropping assassin from Argentina. Read up and then go watch his part!
  • Jimmy Wilkins' "Creature Video" Part

    Jimmy Wilkins' "Creature Video" Part
    With this guy as one of the commanding officers, vert skating is alive and thriving. Check the FS Ollie technique. Hot damn...