The Follow Up: Reese Salken

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Reese Salken is a badass skater from Virginia, making his way in California with smooth style, a fun-loving attitude and a little help from his friends. Interview by Ben Karpinski

Hey Reese. Congrats on the Time Bomb video. What are you up to today?
Thanks, man. Not much. Just skated a little Cherry, now I'm helping Kyle move out, then I'm moving in! So hyped! But I'm about to head to work right now.

What is a typical day in Long Beach for you?
Right now just wake up, try and ride the bike and whatnot for my knee. If I'm not working just hanging with the boys, hopefully skate a little.


Salken 1 750px To make it out West, you gotta plant faster than the next guy. Reese blasts off the box   Photo: Rhino

What type of jobs have you had? I remember you landing a pretty sweet gig at a bar/restaurant when you first got out here.
Yeah, that was sick. I've mainly worked at restaurants busing tables and washing dishes. Right now I'm working at this sushi place and also at this bar. I'm at work right now!

Where are you staying at these days?
I'm staying in Blake's back room behind his house. It's like a laundry room, but it's so sick. Today I'm moving into where Kyle is moving out of. About to have my first room out here! So happy.

How many different couches have you crashed on since you came out here from Virginia?

Salken 2 750px Fuck yo' kink! Nosegrind in East LA   Photo: Burnett

Let's get a thank you list going.
Man, so many good people out here have been looking out for me. I can't thank everyone enough, I'd like to give a major shout out to the Lutherans, Carpenters, K-Walks, Mills, Ant Travis and Ed Duff and so many people have been good to me. Love you all!

What's the key to being a good house guest?
Do not to leave your shit everywhere, do dishes, take the trash out, dispose of dirty socks, say thank you, and take a shower when you can. And don't eat their food!

Salken 3 750px Adding some scuff to a BMX'ed out ledge with a back board   Photo: Rhino

What are some of the low points in your gypsy travels?
Maybe just when I've not known where I was going to sleep that night. It doesn't happen any more, but when I first got out here it would occasionally.

Well, it's pretty obvious everybody around here loves you. You have gotten in pretty tight with just about every crew in Southern California. How do you do it?
Thanks, man. I've just met so many awesome people being out here through skating. I'm down for all the homies!

Salken 7 750px Kinker, drop down and you know that thing's wobbly as hell. Yeah, Reese!   Photo: Hammeke

Someone told me to ask you about a Dane Burman chicken sandwich story.
Hah! Yes! One time we were at Chick-fil-A. We never get to go and that's my shit! I was talking to someone and Dane just punched my chicken sandwich! I was pissed and I was, like, "Go buy me a fuckin' sandwich! Fuck's wrong with you?" He went and got me a new one and it was all good, but there was some tension.

Top 3 skaters from Virginia?
Gilbert Crockett, Garrett Hyatt, Pat Burke and Jordan Bradshaw.

Salken 8 750px Snatchin' a nosegrind off a down bar   Photo: Hammeke

What part of the state are you from?
Yorktown–Newport News. It's in between Virginia Beach and Richmond.

How did you get hooked up with Tum Yeto?
I would just kinda send my footage to Sinclair when I was younger every once in awhile and he was always nice. Then after a couple years later I sent him some footage and I started getting Foundation boards. Shout out to Tyler Culbertson too. Thanks, y'all.

You recently had to get knee surgery. What did you do with all your down time?
Man, tried to learn guitar and do scenic stuff around Virginia with my friends. Hang with family while I can.

Salken 9 750px Bluntslide transfer than go jam out with Don   Photo: Hammeke

Did you play guitar before you got hurt?
Yeah, I had started picking it up a couple months before so it worked out nice I had something to occupy me.

Heard you are starting a band with Don Luong. You guys have a name yet?
Hah! We've been playing guitars. I'm not sure what we will be. It'd be fun to play at like a bar or something. I'm not that good yet though!

Salken 6 750px Beats sleeping in the laundry room! Back tail with ease   Photo: Hammeke

How is the knee feeling these days?
It's getting better! Starting to skate again. It just gets sore as shit!

Who has been hooking you up with gear?
Vans, Independent, Krew, Foundation, and Pig. Big thanks to them being so cool when I got hurt and still helping me out.

Salken 5 750px Reese works in a bar at night and dodges them in the afternoon. Treacherous Smith grind   Photo: Hammeke

What's the next project you are working on?
Not sure, man, just can't wait to start going out filming with the homies again! Whatever happens happens!

You've been out with the Foundation team a lot and they just announced their new video Oddity. Whose part are you looking forward to?
I'm sayin' I'm looking forward to Aidan's part. He always gets sick footage!

What are you're plans for the rest of 2016?
Keep getting this knee better everyday! Enjoy life out here and skate with friends as much as possible!


Salken 4 750px Avoiding the accidental lip, Salken drops Smith lively in HB   Photo: Karpinski

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