The Worble’s “New Driveway” Premiere

From the crew who brought you Manramp, the mighty Mull Brothers are back again with their latest full-length video, New Driveway, and it features everything these guys are known for: janky spots, ripping skating, ridiculous slams, and most of all having a blast. I hit up the premiere in LA to check the new flick and to celebrate Worble style. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxThe Hi Hat in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA: live music, Burgerlords and Worblers

02 750pxDaniel Vargas and his lady

03 750pxSebo Walker has been up to his neck filming for The Flare, but he still managed to make it out last night

04 750pxFos is a local to the Hi Hat. Apparently the place used to be a pool hall with a little tougher crowd. Manly-looking ladies strong-arming the pool tables? Perhaps

05 750pxThat sweet Worble merch for your consumptive urges

06 750pxOpening act: stand-up comedian and skateboarder Richard Bowen. It was actually hilarious

07 750pxTom Mull introducing his brothers and all their friends who relocated from Vermont to LA, all for the love of skateboarding

08 750pxNew Driveway, where you learned all your tricks as a young child

09 750pxThe place was packed

10 750pxAfter the video, Tom was mobbed and couldn’t even finish his Burgerlord burger. Let the man eat!

11 750pxDave Bachinsky with a huge thumbs up. Dave said when he lived near Boston he would always hear stories about the brothers from Vermont that were killing it

12 750pxManramp and his stunt double

13 750pxA couple of Manramp fans with their limited-edition t-shirts

14 750pxTom Rohr and Dominick Walker were psyched

15 750pxLive music followed, including Cobra Man, which you might recognize from the Manramp song

16 750px“It’s time to party!”

17 750pxOf course he did

18 750pxDance party on the stage

19 750pxIf you’re a Worbler, you are definitely not afraid to cut loose

20 750pxOne half of Cobra Man, surfing the crowd

21 750pxTom Mull pops up

22 750pxThen Ducky paddles out

23 750pxWhat’s he up to?

24 750pxFirst-try surprise kickflip

25 750pxHoly shit!

26 750pxStoked

27 750pxCobra Man kept trying to stop the nonsense but the crowd was demanding more

28 750pxThat’s it; I’m outta here. Congrats on the new flick, guys. Thanks for keeping skateboarding Worbley
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