The Worble's "Toxic Planet" Premiere Photos

The Worble crew is back at it, this time with Toxic Planet, their fourth full-length video and they premiered it at the Bootleg Theater on the edge of downtown LA. Packed full of all the fun you’ve come to expect from the Vermont transplants, this offering is another solid vid that makes you wanna get out with the bros and fros and shred the ol’ stuntwood. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxManramp gets the text from Steve Mull: “Worble premiere tonight????”

02 750pxThe Bootleg Theater—don’t be fooled by the exterior, the space behind that door is huge!

03 750pxYup, it’s Los Angeles. Everything involves waiting in line. A lot of unfamiliar faces in the crowd—that’s a good sign, isn’t it?

04 750pxFamiliar faces inside, though: Sebo Walker and Andy Dicker

05 750pxLil’ sister Jennie Mull workin’ the merch booth

06 750pxDVDs available on the spot. These dudes got it together!

07 750pxThe bar was fully mobbed

08 750pxThomas Dritsas and Ish Cepeda. Ish knows if you’re gonna hit that bar line you better double down

09 750pxTom Mull and the Professor

10 750pxThe Boss was there. Stella Reynolds has tricks in the vid, along with Jennie Mull, Zorah Olivia and many more ladies of shred

11 750pxWild Wing warmed up the crowd with some shit-kickin’ country punk

12 750pxPedal(s) to the metal

13 750pxC’mon, let’s dance!

14 750pxMore shredding ala Wild Wing

15 750pxThe Worble packed the house

16 750pxTom takes to the stage and introduces the video

17 750pxToxic Planet is sure to impress

18 750pxThen Tom invited the crew up on stage for a special announcement…

19 750px …The Worble makes boards now!

20 750pxToss ‘em to the crowd

21 750pxStampede!

22 750pxFuck it, toss the whole team into the crowd, too

23 750pxDylan Christopher goes for a ride

24 750pxAlong with Dave Mull

25 750pxDave Bachinsky caught a Worble deck and got it signed by the whole crew

26 750pxNext up, Cobra Man!

27 750pxManramp rides out on a Trojan horse of some sort

28 750pxIs that Jesus Christ?

29 750pxEveryone, climb aboard!

30 750pxThen it was time for the Manramp anthem

31 750pxWomanramp?

32 750pxCobra Man knows two mics mean twice the rock

33 750pxMosh mania!

34 750pxWinding it down with some sweet sax

35 750pxAnd that’s curtains. Check out Steve Mull’s Toxic Planet part here. More parts premiering online this week at with the full video going up on Friday. Totally Toxic, dudes!
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