• Boo Knows DGK

    Boo Knows DGK
    Check out this video from the celebration welcoming Boo Johnson to the DGK family.
  • Loveletter to the Slide 'N' Roll

    Loveletter to the Slide 'N' Roll
    Jeff Grosso goes over the progression of the boardslide, from the early days in bowls to modern day street skating.
  • New Strange Notes Site

    New Strange Notes Site
    Strange Notes put up a video introducing you to their new site. Watch it here.
  • Brainstorm: BB Bastidas

    Brainstorm: BB Bastidas
    DGK traveled to Oceanside, CA to meet up with BB Bastidas and get the low down on his background, influences, and his upcoming collab.
  • Mango in New York

    Mango in New York
    Mango Millic has some fun with friends skating around New York in this clip from Welcome.
  • Jaws Dekline Commercial

    Jaws Dekline Commercial
    Jaws takes yet another huge drop in this commercial for Dekline.
  • Active x Volcom Best Trick Contest

    Active x Volcom Best Trick Contest
    Active teamed up with Volcom to put on this best trick contest last weekend. Watch the video here.
  • KR3W Klips: Lawstralia

    KR3W Klips: Lawstralia
    KR3W has a sick new clip of their Australian rider Alex Lawton. Watch it here.
  • Paul Rodriguez "Living Portrait"

    Paul Rodriguez "Living Portrait"
    Check out this new commercial from Mountain Dew featuring Paul Rodriguez.
  • Behind the Active Catalog

    Behind the Active Catalog
    Check out this video re-cap from all the trips that went down during the catalog shoots for the Fall 2013 catalog with Active riders.
  • New Svitak Boards

    New Svitak Boards
    Check out this new "Out of Step" board series from 1031.
  • Chad Tim Tim and Friends

    Chad Tim Tim and Friends
    Chad Tim Tim rips Cherry Park with some friends in this clip from Bones bearings.
  • Girl Warehouse Sale

    Girl Warehouse Sale
    The Girl warehouse is opening their doors for a big sale this weekend. Stop by for some good deals.
  • Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland"

    Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland"
    Listen to us carefully: you REALLY gotta watch this one. "Where is Bob Burnquist going? Who knows? But add a helicopter, moveable contraptions, and a bunch of Brazillian gusto and Presto! Live the video game." –Jake Phelps