Board Reanimation Rally 2018

Wanna win some shit? Get that old deck from last year out of the shed. It's time to REANIMATE! Cut an old deck into your hearts desire. Something that will impress, scare and baffle. Grab some paint and put the cherry on top. Go big for a chance to win a massive hardware box from Creature, Inependent, Mob, Bronson including a fresh uncut blank all compliments of the The Larb.

Send photos to [email protected] by Monday (midnight) January 15th to be eligible to win. Winner announced Wednesday January 17th. Go to for more details and notable examples of past Reanimations.
Top 6 REANIMATIONS will be show cased on and receive Larb x Mob grip for your efforts.


NOTE: We accept all submissions but can only ship prizes within the US. Now get at it.



  • Rattray's Good Egg 2018

    Rattray's Good Egg 2018
    John Rattray is going to ride his bike 100 miles and land 100 eggplants to set the Guinness World Record to raise money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health.
  • Bones Wheels in UK and Poland

    Bones Wheels in UK and Poland
    Yonnie Cruz, Cody Lockwood, Dakota Servold, Taylor Bingaman and Corey Glick out in UK and Poland. Check it out.
  • Cruisin' Minneapolis with Henry Gartland

    Cruisin' Minneapolis with Henry Gartland
    Henry Gartland breaks out a new set of Super Juice and cruises through the downtown zone bumming security guards out and blowing up fireworks along the way.
  • Brain Drain Promo

    Brain Drain Promo
    Preston Harper's newest video featuring Devin Porter, Justin Modica, Bart Jones, Ryan Sublette, Randy Ploesser and many more.
  • Cody, the Joker and the Fiends

    Cody, the Joker and the Fiends
    While in Barcelona the Creature crew stopped by the Sant Boi park for a wind down from a day in the streets. Featuring Cody Lockwood, Vincent Matheron, Milton Martinez and Ulph Andersson.