Evan Smith's DC Shoe Release Party

Was there ever a time that Evan Smith wasn’t killing it? We’re not sure, but he’s definitely been on a tear recently filming for his Time Trap part. There was a sneak-peek video premiere last night along with a shoe-release party for Evan’s first pro-model shoe on DC. All the homies came out to Alex’s Bar in Long Beach for a night of beers, bands and one hell of a video part. Wait ‘till you see it on Monday. It’s gonna fry your face off. Congrats, Evan!

Photos: Ben Karpinski


1.AidanAidan Campbell was there to cheer Evan on


2.Carlos G RPBoulevarders: Carlos, Rob and RP—jacket game strong


3.CJCyril Jackson tried to go camo but we spotted him. ‘Sup, Killa!


4.DJ JimmyJimmy Astleford is not only the DC Team Manager, he’s also a wicked DJ


5.DWilsonD Wrex up next… for a drink


6.Nuge JasonNuge and Jason Jessee, hanging in the back, in black


7.Tom Ethan KyleTom, Ethan Loy and Kyle Walker imbibed


8.Randy PEzekiel alumni Randy Ploesser crushed some cans in support


9.Nick DaMo BeckyNick Garcia, Dominick Walker and Becky Garcia, ready to see that part drop


10Jeff Pang then invited Evan up to the stage…


11.Evan Shoe 1…just to make things official. Limited-edition colorway?


12.Evan shoeSpeech! Speech! Speech!


13.Evan VideoThen we got a sneak peek of Evan’s Time Trap part, coming to thrashermagazine.com on Monday! So heavy


14.Entrance BandThe Entrance Band started playing as soon as the video part was over


15.Evan EntranceEvan got to hand pick the bands he wanted to play at his party. Just like home, I guess


16.Evan CrowdSurfThings started picking up


17.Wes Ju JaimeJaime, Juju and Wes, stoke levels high


18.WandThe band Wand closed out the night


19.Evans ShoeThese things really do have a sole of their own. Congrats again, Evan! More than deserved!

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