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Wednesday, August 31 2011 Written by Jordy
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Low Life Tour 2011: Palace Five/Pitcrew Hammeke checks back in from Palace Five and Pitcrew on the Baker has a Deathwish tour. Posted: August 31, 2011 Ellington was up early, making a skatespot in the hotel parking lot   This is probably a lot like what there is to skate in Alaska We were running a bit late, so the awaiting fans were plenty Lots of fans and they were hyped Beagle with the beers Sign my book Sign my grip While most were inside at the tables, Lizard prefers to just wander the crowd The line to get in after an hour of signing had gone down Fans were still arriving The beers that were drank Doughnut just had to join in the fun and get his shirt signed Neen and the twins! Repping the Neen shirt Found Bobby lurkin at Pulaski Went by Pitcrew early to pick up some supplies Nuge got a box from Goal Zero with a speaker box and solar-powered phone charger Moose and Lenoce set up new decks… While Braydon has a smoke Lizard ain’t aftraid to drink alone And the demo Slash, backside flip from the hip over the rail Figgy backs it up frontside Baker Boys gotta jump down something, so when there're no stairs they make the most of a bank. Neen, kickflip Dirty D,  heelflip Moose, backside flip Meanwhile, Greco is up top working on something After several crashes through the crowd, Jim showed them what a body jar really is Moose is a demo and non-demo machine. Back tail Doughnut experimenting with new angles Heelflip board? Don’t mind if I do That’s right, stoked some more Figgy started off the bank session with a kickflip wallride Lizard ended it with a kickflip nose to 180 out Much to these guys' approval Huge line at Pitcrew Filling in the shop Trying to bust through the door Ralph Steadman boards to accompany the free Flying Dog beers. jQuery('#k2Container').addClass('Videos'); function ChangeVideoJquery(){ if(jQuery("#container").length){ jQuery('#container').css("width", "auto").html(''); }else{ jQuery('#container_wrapper').html(''); } jQuery('#playinquicktime').html("Flash"); jQuery('#playinquicktime').click(function(){window.location.reload(true);}); } Category: Other jwplayer.key="RRy5WsD2gVlBAFezTNfLhubGfPoRVQXl+tCqcA=="; Loading the player... var stretchChoice = 'fill'; jwplayer("container1845713792").setup({ file: "", image:"", related: { file: "" }, height: "406", width: "610", ga: {}, startparam: "ec_seek", backcolor:"000000", frontcolor:"000000", lightcolor:"000000", screencolor:"000000", logo: { file: '', link: '' }, sharing: { code: encodeURI("") }, primary:"flash", players: [ { type: "flash", src: "" }, { type: "html5" } ],skin:"" }); jwplayer().onReady(function(){jwplayer().onPlay(function(){console.log('Player Ready');})}); Let's see who smells the worst!
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Dustin Dollin graces the cover of the September issue, screeching a hellacious 180 nosegrind at the Hollywood Bowl. The hits keep coming inside: Matt Bennett, Jake Donnelly and Wes Kremer get grilled; Element traverses Taiwain; Vol 4 hits the road (and the spliffs) for SXSW; a 16-page photo feature blows some stoke in your eyes; EMB OG James Kelch talks Classic Graphics and Cory Kennedy talks some shit. Yeah, that'll do it. Add this one to your collection.