New Marc Johnson Shoe

A Marc Johnson super fan shows you the new MJ shoe in this clip from Lakai.

  • Stevie Perez Pro Shoe Part

    Stevie Perez Pro Shoe Part
    After years of work in the streets, Stevie has deservingly earned a shoe with his name on it. Check out his part here.
  • Lakai x Workaholics

    Lakai x Workaholics
    The Lakai x Workaholics collection features three shoes and an apparel assortment that emulate the main character’s daily lifestyle. Check it out.
  • adidas "Far & Away" episode 10

    adidas "Far & Away" episode 10
    Nobody has ever looked better on the stuntwood, and in this final Away Days episode we get a chance to savor the master, Mark Gonzales, enjoying his craft.
  • adidas "Away Days" Premiere Photos

    adidas "Away Days" Premiere Photos
    Last night in LA, adidas threw one of the biggest premiers for their new video Away Days. Check out some photos here.
  • Ronnie Sandoval Lakai Commercial

    Ronnie Sandoval Lakai Commercial
    Ronnie Sandoval finds a line at Channel St. for this new Lakai commercial.