Patlanta's "Dad Cam" videos

It was around the end of June 2016 and P-Stone was hyping up yet another adventure. The mission was to get Oski up to the Vans contest at Hastings in Vancouver, but for Stone that was just an excuse to rev up another road trip.  The Girl team had just finished a trip and we met them at the Vashon Island bowl to steal Cory and assemble our crew. It was Preston, Cory, GT, Oski, Jacapo, Joe Brook, Jalden, BHD and myself. I had been bringing the handycam around on Skate Rock or wherever just to keep it fun and capture shenanigans. Preston was a huge influence on me to film and edit shit because he made everything fun. This trip was no different. Grilling, swimming, sleepin in the dirt, ferry rides, hitch-hiking, free kegs, eating bugs, smashing rocks, throwin axes...shit Stone even introduced us to Sluggo.  I edited these clips last year but wasn’t fast enough to get them on the web. Stone finished his edits like he would a warm beer, hella fast, so my shit fell to the backburner.  I just hope that watching these makes everyone wanna skate, laugh, eat bugs, smash rocks, crack a bru and just rev it up with your homies.  Preston was truly a saint. The only "world local” I've ever heard of, leading the way to food, water (for swimming), shelter, warmth, comfort and beer no matter where we were. I am lucky to have known him. We love you, Big Dog. PMA. Ships tight and the coals are rev’d. Slow n low...


His family just set up a GoFundMe page. Click thru to donate. P-Stone Forever!



His family just set up a GoFundMe page. Click thru to donate. P-Stone Forever!

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