Talkin' Mob with Mikemo Capaldi

Watch as Mikemo shreds and breaks down why he loves Mob.


  • Louie Lopez for Mob

    Louie Lopez for Mob
    Here's a closer look at how Mob grip is applied to your board, and used in the streets with Louie Lopez.
  • Mob x Independent

    Mob x Independent
    Ben whips up another grippy concoction with the new clear Independent trucks Graphic MOB grip.
  • Mob Grip Strips

    Mob Grip Strips
    Get inspired by Dylan Williams' fresh set up as he takes a stroll through Cherry Park.
  • Mob Grip x High Times

    Mob Grip x High Times
    Brad McClain sets up a sheet of 'Sweet Leaf' then takes it to an even sweeter backyard pool.
  • Yoshi Tanenbaum for Mob

    Yoshi Tanenbaum for Mob
    Here's a few clips from Yoshi Tanenbaum out in the streets gettin' it for Mob grip.