Thursdays with Theotis

Stephen Moulding comes correct with his sponsor-me tape. "He definitely gettin' a box." —Theotis

  • Dakota Servold on Altamont

    Dakota Servold on Altamont
    Altamont welcomes Dakota Servold to their team with this rad clip. Check it out.
  • Double Rock: Altamont

    Double Rock: Altamont
    Familiar faces plus some young rippers you might not be familiar with yet, the Altamont squad ripped The Rock and made it look easy.
  • Booze Bros x Altamont Apparel

    Booze Bros x Altamont Apparel
    Altamont Apparel x Booze Bros Brewery Summer '17 launch with some of the guys skating the bar. Check it out.
  • Altamont Spring '17 Lookbook

    Altamont Spring '17 Lookbook
    Check out the new gear from Altamont in their spring '17 lookbook here.
  • Baker & Deathwish Skatelab Demo

    Baker & Deathwish Skatelab Demo
    One afternoon in the valley is all Baker and Deathwish needed to get a crispy edit from their recent Skatelab demo.