WKND Welcomes Taylor Caruso

WKND skateboards welcomes Taylor "Big Dahg" Caruso with this sick clip.

  • Jordan Taylor for WKND

    Jordan Taylor for WKND
    WKND welcomes Jordan Taylor to the van. Check out the clip here.
  • WKND “Finger Skater Owned and Operated”

    WKND “Finger Skater Owned and Operated”
    Because the only thing we really care about is skating. Everything else is just background noise...
  • New from WKND

    New from WKND
    Ferris takes a day off to check out this new artistic board series from WKND.
  • WKND in SF

    WKND in SF
    A quick weekend trip to SF with Raymond Molinar, Alex Schmidt, and Christian Maalouf.