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All City Showdown 1st Place & Top Team Highlights

In it's 8th year, ACS is a contest originating in the Northwest in which teams compete to stack the most footage they can in only 8 hours. 35th North Skateshop edits the footage and announces the winners.Watch the full length video at

  • All City Showdown: Chicago

    All City Showdown: Chicago
    We're a huge fan of these projects. It's just cool seeing how different squads of skaters push each other and attack spots.
  • All City Showdown: New York

    All City Showdown: New York
    The All City Showdown has made its way from the West Coast to Labor Skateshop in NYC. Check out the highlights here.
  • All City Showdown: Seattle

    All City Showdown: Seattle
    The All City Showdown began as a local shop contest with teams trying to stack as much footage as possible in an 8 hour window. It's gotten bigger every year, with more shops and cities involved. Check out these highlights from the Seattle edition.
  • All City Showdown - Team Lupe

    All City Showdown - Team Lupe
    These dudes didn't make the finals, but their edit might just be the most entertaining. 
  • All City Showdown 4

    All City Showdown 4
    All City is gearing up to do their fourth showdown.