Anti Hero Summer 2012

Anti-Hero dropped a new catalog with Hewiit, Grosso, Gerwer, and Russo.


  • Nike SB | 18

    Nike SB | 18
    SB and 18, together for the first time. Grant Taylor, Brian Anderson and Daan Van Der Linden avoid the FLORF in the latest collection from Nike Skateboarding and Antihero.
  • John Cardiel x Tobin Yelland Fundraiser

    John Cardiel x Tobin Yelland Fundraiser
    Lots of displaced animals and people are still struggling from the Northern California fires and the proceeds of each board will help them.
  • Antihero's "Urban Mutations" Video

    Antihero's "Urban Mutations" Video
    Urban Mutations is the latest video from Antihero to continue their ongoing 'Fuck Your Condo' series of video explorations. Watch it now at and check out their Fall catalog.
  • P-Stone Antihero Boards SOLD OUT

    P-Stone Antihero Boards SOLD OUT
    Antihero pulled the remaining sixty or so 'Big Dog' P-Stone boards and are offering them here direct. Proceeds go to his family.
  • AntiHero: Summer/Fall '17 Catalog

    AntiHero: Summer/Fall '17 Catalog
    The Summer/Fall Catalog from Antihero delivers a new level of Scientific Achievements with the help of Todd Francis, Star Charts to the universe by Rick Charnoski, Skate Shanks for when you need em, and Grosso gets cruci-fried.