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"Elemental Wizards" Teaser

Element has aligned with the dark forces of Blood Wizard and their video offering will be sacrificed to the Skate Gods this Friday.

  • Hall Of Meat: Nolan Miskell

    Hall Of Meat: Nolan Miskell
    Nolan misses a Smith and catches a full body-slap.
  • Mason Silva's "Red Balloon" Part

    Mason Silva's "Red Balloon" Part
    Speed, power, finesse and explosive pop? Check, check, check and check! Mason Silva's Red Balloon part is a hellacious onslaught of powerhouse moves. Now that's how you go pro.
  • Blood Wizard Premiere

    Blood Wizard Premiere
    Come out to the Pour House in Oceanside for the new Blood Wizard Premiere with a special performance from Petyr.
  • Blood Wizard Premiere

    Blood Wizard Premiere
    Glitter Wizard and Asada Messiah support the Blood Wizard bros as they premiere their new video at the Parkside.
  • Wizards Never Die

    Wizards Never Die
    The dudes at Blood Wizard made a tribute board for their fallen bro, Wes "Gnargie" Cooper in which proceeds go to his son Jaya.