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Firing Line: Michael Mackrodt

Michael takes you for a wild ride at an epic spot.

  • Michael Mackrodt's "Fishing Lines Trans Siberian" Video

    Michael Mackrodt's "Fishing Lines Trans Siberian" Video
    If obscure skate spots tickle your fancy, then you’re staring at the gold mine right here. World traveler Michael Mackrodt heads to Siberia, a place long associated with an undesirable fate. This video rules.
  • Firing Line: Alexis Ramirez

    Firing Line: Alexis Ramirez
    There’s nothing quite like a proper line filmed at night, and Alexis makes exceptional use of a sweet spot.
  • Firing Line: Sascha Daley

    Firing Line: Sascha Daley
    Speed. Check. Power. Check. Sascha makes this 3-piece look like a walk in the park.
  • Firing Line: Franky Villani

    Firing Line: Franky Villani
    Franky cruises the smooth blacktop of a neighborhood school yard, capping it off with a classic 90s hammer.
  • Firing Line: David Gravette

    Firing Line: David Gravette
    David kicks off his line by hurling off the top rope at one of the Northwest’s most infamous spots.