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Firing Line: Tom Asta

  • Tom Asta for éS

    Tom Asta for éS
    Tom Asta skates his new accel slim colorway from éS.
  • Firing Line: Sascha Daley

    Firing Line: Sascha Daley
    Sascha weaves through an appealing ledged landscape before hopping onto a sketchy bannister.
  • Firing Line: Tom Penny

    Firing Line: Tom Penny
    The word LEGEND has become a popular part of our lexicon, maybe a bit overused. However, when discussing Mr Tom Penny, the term will always apply, and this line in Barcelona is a gift from the Skate Gods.
  • Tom Asta in the éS SWIFT 1.5

    Tom Asta in the éS SWIFT 1.5
    éS team rider, Tom Asta skated around LA in the new SWIFT 1.5. Watch the clip here.
  • Firing Line: Mark Suciu

    Firing Line: Mark Suciu
    The man with the lightning-quick feet makes great use of some unique NYC architecture.