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Gabriel Summers' "Shake Junt" Part

This savage beast from the Land of OZ owns a fantastic flick and an undying thirst for hammer time. Rad part, dude.

  • Shake Junt's "Flavor Country" Video

    Shake Junt's "Flavor Country" Video
    If this Shake Junt Flavor Country vid doesn't make you want to call up the homies and go get some then you best check yo pulse—'cause you dead, son. What in the hell is in the water in Florda?!
  • The Follow Up: Gabriel Summers

    The Follow Up: Gabriel Summers
    You’ve seen the part, and here is your chance to get to know Gabbers, the madman from Tasmania.
  • Hall Of Meat: Gabriel Summers

    Hall Of Meat: Gabriel Summers
    Gabriel swerves pedestrians, guards, and citizen heroes on this absolutely gnarly indoor attempt. That drop!
  • Magnified: Gabriel Summers

    Magnified: Gabriel Summers
    Danger levels at code red. Gabriel narrowly avoids the big hit and rolls away as a champion.
  • Meet The Shake Junt Team

    Meet The Shake Junt Team
    They have fun but they get things done. Here's the Shake Junt crew talking about life, the Skate Tank, and much more. Featuring Beagle, Herman, Ostrander, Romar, Neck, Zorilla, Nuge, Heyl, White, and Spanky.