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Justin Drysen's "sml. Wheels" Part

Justin is a special talent and there will be lots more from him in the years to come. Quick feet, cat-like reflexes, and board control up the wazoo, he makes everything happen so fast.

  • Evan Schiefelbine's "Valentina" Video

    Evan Schiefelbine's "Valentina" Video
    Evan made a artsy skating video with Sammy Montano, James Craig, Austyn Gillette, Danny Garcia, John Erickson, Mark Appleyard, Colin Kennedy, Jason Rothmeyer and some others. Check it out.
  • Sml. World Ep. 1

    Sml. World Ep. 1
    Mark Suciu, Sammy Montano, and Justin Drysen cruise around the Long Beach area.
  • "Deep Fried Over Easy" Video

    "Deep Fried Over Easy" Video
    Here's a full-length treat from lensman Cody Thompson featuring some raw rippers such as Sean Greene, Zack Krull, Jamal Gibbs, Taylor Nida and more. Get ready to have your brain deep fried from some of these amazing clips.
  • Justin Drysen's "Gango" Part

    Justin Drysen's "Gango" Part
    Quick feet, unique trick selection, and a style all his own. We like what Justin brings to the table. Keep it coming, G!
  • sml. Wheels x SkatePAL

    sml. Wheels x SkatePAL
    Chris Jones and Sammy Montano skate around London in this clip for the new sml. wheels x SkatePAL wheel. Check it out.