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Lurk Hard's "Live" Video

LH strikes again with another Ref Hughes video lobotomy starring Ducky, Joogy, Tristen, and many more.


More from Lurk Hard here.

  • New from Lurk Hard

    New from Lurk Hard
    Check out all of the new gear from Lurk Hard in their Fall '18 catalog here.
  • Lurk Hard in Portland

    Lurk Hard in Portland
    Lurk Hard is working on their next full length video. They went to Portland for a week to start the filming. It went ok.
  • Dylan Bunnell's "Lite Death" Video

    Dylan Bunnell's "Lite Death" Video
    Sean Blueitt sparks it, a thousand homies get some (including Raybourn, Pulizzi and The Muscle) and John Worthington burns the house to the ground. If you had any concerns about the future of pool skating, backyard vert or just raw shredding in general, hit play and rest easy. Tokyo 2020? More like out your door right now. Get some.
  • Ryan Connors' "Thaw and Order" Part

    Ryan Connors' "Thaw and Order" Part
    Ryan Connors coming in hot like that first slice of the pie: cheese melting, mouth burning, but you just can't wait for things to cool off...
  • Lurk Hard's "Skrt Kobang" Video

    Lurk Hard's "Skrt Kobang" Video
    Lurk Hard comes through with a new edit and products for Spring '18. Check it out.