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Rumble in Ramona: The Last Stand

  • Rumble In Ramona V

    Rumble In Ramona V
    If they say vert's dead and it's invite only, we can't wait to see who's there. Rumble in Ramona is back with their 5th rodeo.
  • Resurrection In Ramona Video

    Resurrection In Ramona Video
    In October 2008 the world collapsed. Six years later the Rumble in Ramona gets resurrected. Some things change but this is one export that China doesn't want. Smell the glove, vert dogs rule.
  • Resurrection In Ramona Photos

    Resurrection In Ramona Photos
    It's been five years since the last Rumble in Ramona went down. The vert ramp got a new facelift and the session was back on.
  • Rumble In Ramona: The Last Stand

    Rumble In Ramona: The Last Stand
    They say it was the last stand, we'll see. We're always down for the Rumble in Ramona.
  • Strangenotes Rumble Hype

    Strangenotes Rumble Hype
    Strangenotes put together a little clip of the events that go down at the Rumble in Ramona.