Skatepark Round-Up: Santa Cruz Giveaway



E-man bombed a gnarly hill in Prevent this Tragedy.  Check out this footage of him explaining the situation. Tell us what other pro bombed the same hill in an old Santa Cruz video for your chance to win a Guzman board.  Send your answer to:

Behind the Scenes: E-man Hill Bomb

  • How Blake got on Santa Cruz

    How Blake got on Santa Cruz
    Check out how Blake Johnson went from average Joe to Santa Cruz pro.
  • World's Fastest Skateboarder

    World's Fastest Skateboarder
    Think you can haul ass? Not without your speed suit and leg fin! Santa Cruz's Kyle Wester just broke the record in skateboarding's most technologically-minded discipline.
  • New from Santa Cruz

    New from Santa Cruz
    Check out all of the new boards and gear from Santa Cruz here.
  • Tom Asta for Santa Cruz

    Tom Asta for Santa Cruz
    Tom Asta tries out his new "Lucky Shot" board in this clip from Santa Cruz.
  • 6 to 9er Jereme Knibbs

    6 to 9er Jereme Knibbs
    Jereme Knibbs gets fired up on his 6 to 9er at the new Bro Bowl in Tampa, FL.