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Title: Skate Scene in Portugal
Post by: Ruben on January 22, 2012, 11:48:28 AM
Hello im Trying to put up a videopart to try and gather some support/name for our town here in Portugal/Europe.

Were eager for some usa company to come and visit my city in a summer hollyday to shoot and just spend some quality time.

When big teams come to Europe they rarely spend any time in Portugal cause the main citys suck for skating and Barcelona/Spain has a much better/bigger scene.

I Really hope one day we can have USA pros here cause we have tons of spots unkown to most of the skateboarding world, very skateparks in the surrounding citys, no security/habitants hassle, beach good for surfing chilling, nightclubs... best food and low prices.

So anyway heres some footage of spots and tricks in the best skateboarding town in Portugal.




VideoPart Trailer.

the Skatepark

Come visit us in Portugal, Santo Andre City! (

Add me if you like. (