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Title: Backyard Park legalities ?
Post by: BKAY90 on January 31, 2013, 12:17:42 PM
I live in Rockaway Beach, Queens NY. My backyard was leveled by Hurricane Sandy, the silver lining is that it is now begging to have a concrete bowl built there. I've been able to find tons and tons of information about the actual building of the bowl (Thrasher DIY rocks, specifically Salamander), but I can't seem to find anything about the legalities of the whole thing.

I've looked around but I may not be looking in the right places. Anyone know of the top of their head if this is doable? I've heard if there are no laws on the books that I can proceed and if they later decide to add a law, I would be grandfathered in?

Anyways the more info the better. If anyone knows of any specific laws (Ex: Code 47B of subsection 12-89 allows.... <Made up). Any ways I can finnagle the system? Looking forward to responses and posting my progress pics on here if this is God willingly possible.

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Title: Re: Backyard Park legalities ?
Post by: dtotherob on January 31, 2013, 03:47:52 PM
call your municipality or check their website.  usually a few phone calls to your city will give you specific info, which doesn't apply to other cities.  it's really a case by case basis.  good luck!