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Title: Would you use this skate app?
Post by: Matt on April 21, 2013, 04:00:58 AM
I'm posting here looking for some advice and feedback regarding a skateboarding app some buddies and i are developing.
Here is the general concept of our app, currently dubbed 'Sick Spot';
-Users can tag skate spots they know of or find using maps(will also have a list view of spots), thus allowing skaters in that area to see the spot. Users will be able to review the spot, post pics of it, and rate it. -The spots will be categorized into Street/vert spots -For the street spots, sub-categories will be stairs/gaps/rails/etc... and you will be allowed to search through and filter search options. So say if you wanted to skate a stair set in your area, you could filter your search option to just show stair sets. -You can also post videos of you doing tricks at the spot, and we are thinking of implementing a weekly spot challenge to encourage people to use this. - The main purpose of this app is so skaters will know where the sick spots are in their community to skate. Not everyone knows where the good spots are, especially new skaters.
Spots in your community will only show up if people use this, and tag/review spots they know of. Which is why the app success is determined by the user-base we can achieve! The developers and I cant be in every city finding spots.
This is still in development, which is why im posting here, im looking for any advice or things fellow skaters would like to see in it, since we still have time to add things! And most of all if you guys would use something like this.
Please don't be afraid to comment or suggest anything! Thanks everyone. :)

Title: Re: Would you use this skate app?
Post by: ryan on April 22, 2013, 10:55:28 AM
This kind of app already exists. My buddy had it on his phone a couple years ago. I mean, it was kind of cool but not too useful since no one else really had it plus a lot of the stuff was out of date.

Title: Re: Would you use this skate app?
Post by: dtotherob on April 22, 2013, 03:34:42 PM
how the fuck do you think we found spots before the internet?   get out there and skate.  no one wants their spot blown up either.  i say, fail.