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Title: ABEC shmabec
Post by: spue on July 19, 2013, 07:47:05 PM
I just learned, probably to your disbelief and denial, that the purchase of good bearing is lost by simply using them on your board. I just read a good explanation of the ABEC rating and why it is useless to put anything above ABEC 1 on your board. I was not surprised to hear that, since these bearing are not made for skating , but rather for machinery. The difference in ABEC rating comes into play with very precise and fast moving equipment , where high tolerances are needed. The use of let's say a set of ABEC 7s, will completely loose their precision advantage over say a set of ABEC 1s simply due to the rough conditions of even very smooth and seemingly gentile use. Even a very smooth sidewalk in a very short distance will completely eat up any precision advantage of costlier higher rated bearings. The higher ABEC numbered bearing will in fact NOT make or let you go faster, they will only make the person who sold them to you richer. A well cared for and maintained set of 1s will last longer and preform better that a poorly maintained set of 5s, 7s, 9s. Don't waist your money, you will NEVER see the difference, unless you already spent the money and refuse to believe you got duped. I was just about to go for the good stuff, but now will use the 1s that I have in the inline skates/ wheels I found for free, two and a half pairs, got bearing for a good while now. Spend the extra money if you must, but it will not help you, no matter how hard you want it to. You will however find no shortage of skaters that will swear they are faster, it is ONLY a psychological need to justify the cost.
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Title: Re: ABEC shmabec
Post by: bailgun on July 22, 2013, 11:47:16 AM
abec ratings are nonsense for skateboarding, but implying that all bearings are the same is just dumb.

Title: Re: ABEC shmabec
Post by: skateramongstscooterfags on August 29, 2013, 09:30:14 PM
reds. nothing beats a brand new set of reds and bones spfs.

Title: Re: ABEC shmabec
Post by: Ruben Alvarado on August 31, 2013, 05:37:14 AM
Yeah, can't say that I agree either. It's true that ABEC is a precise machine bearing rating, so it doesn't matter when it comes to skateboarding. Like Bailgun said, it's nonsense to say that all bearings are the same. Here's an explanation: (

I can say that Bones bearings are legitimately better, by the way. I've had a pair of Bones Swiss for the past three years that are still faster than any other bearings out there. I work at a skateshop and I can tell you that those Shake Junt bearings, Indy bearings, even Black Panthers, none of them are better than Swiss. I've swapped out bearings for so many kids in the past three years and almost all of them are garbage compared to a set of Bones Swiss. Just sayin.