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Title: Band looking for skateboard footage
Post by: Riku Leino on November 25, 2013, 01:55:07 PM
We are Expected Boy, a 4-piece punkrock band from Finland.
We formed in Summer 2011 and have played over 50 live shows so far, mostly in Finland, but did a tour of Poland and Latvia in September this year. We are currently planning a UK tour in March 2014.

We're planning to make a new music video for a song from our debut album, Coming Home, which will be released this December.
The song is called Rooftops on Fire and was written with the end of the world in mind. The message being to celebrate life and live the last moments to the full, instead of cowering in the basement.
The reason we're contacting you is we are looking for some cool skateboarding footage to be shown in the music video and wondered if you could provide some. Good camera angles and interesting scenes would be the main thing we're looking for, not necessarily superskills. :)
The footage would not be the only part of the video. There will be some ”live” playing by the band.
The same editor, director and camerman will be used as in our first music video for our song Until Day Breaks, which can be seen on YouTube and blankTV.
If you wish to hear the song to which the footage would accompany the video, please say and we can email the final mix.

Please know this is not about money, so we don't expect to pay you nor you us. Its a  mutual deal borne from the thinking we can both win out due to exposure as the video will be played on blankTV, just like our Until Day Breaks video.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Expected Boy (

We can also be heard on soundcloud and reverbnation, and live radio shows on XRP Radio based in the UK.
Please send all correspondence to

Link to "Until Day Breaks" -music video: Expected Boy - "Until Day Breaks" Official Music Video (
Link to our Soundcloud-profile: (